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The rolling foothills and rugged peaks of Northern Italy’s Alpine region has created some of southern Europe’s most fertile soils for grape-growing and wine production. Northern Italy is home to many exceptional Vineyard Hotels, offering you luxury access to many exquisite wines from all over the region; from Piedmont’s famously rich reds, to the cool crisp whites of the easterly Friuli-Venezia Giulia, you can explore, relax and taste your way around some of Northern Italy’s most stunning countryside.

Vineyard Hotels Northern Italy

With hundreds official wine varieties and home to some of Europe’s oldest grape-producing regions, Northern Italy is packed with stunning vineyards, lush landscapes, and quaint Italian towns. What’s more, a vineyard hotel in Northern Italy makes for an idyllic getaway for honeymooners and wine connoisseurs looking to bask in the excellence of a luxury vacation in this truly romantic region.

Why stay in a Vineyard Hotel in Northern Italy? The region’s most spectacular attractions

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Veneto: Variety and charm on the Adriatic Sea

Stretching from the Adriatic Sea all the way to the Dolomites, Veneto is one of Italy’s most important wine-producing regions. The size and diversity of this region makes it an exceptional vacation destination, encompassing one of Italy’s most iconic cities; Venice. With its classic Venetian architecture and gondola-filled canals, the romantic appeal of Venice is unsurpassed. Beyond the coast, vineyard hotels in the heart of the region provide a unique setting to explore other sites too; including the famously beautiful Lake Garda which borders Veneto to the west. Generating more wine than Tuscany, Lombardy and Piedmont, Veneto is known for its variety; producing crisp, quality Pinot Grigio’s in the high altitudes of the Alps, to deep, fruity reds in the rolling hills around Padua. Veneto was also the first region in Italy to offer oenology (the study of wine and grapes) to students in 1885.

Piedmont: Iconic vineyards and undulating landscapes

© Albergo L’Ostelliere – Villa Sparina Resort Known for its fine wines made from the Nebbiolo grape, Piedmont is a wine-lovers paradise. Bordering France and surrounded by the Alps on three sides, Piedmont offers some of the Northern Italy’s most spectacular vineyard hotels, located around the rolling hills and rugged peaks of the region. Indulge in some of Italy’s most prized wines with a tour of Piedmont’s famous Barolo and Barbaresco wineries, located in the lush hills around the typically Italian towns of Alba and Asti – a one-of-a-kind excursion for wine enthusiasts with a taste for prestigious vino. A truly year-round destination, Piedmont’s proximity to the Alps offers vacationers the opportunity to ski quality pistes in the winter, and explore the many beautiful nature reserves, vineyards, and towns in summer.

Liguria: Ancient coastal villages on the Italian Riviera

Home to more than 100 different types of grape, the small coastal region of Liguria offers visitors a unique choice when thinking about vineyard hotels in Northern Italy. Located along the Italian Riviera, Liguria is most famous for its colorful fishing villages and craggy coastline, but has also become renowned for its production of wines from the indigenous Rossese, Bosco, Albarola, and Vermentino grapes. Wine has been produced here since the Roman and Etruscan periods, serving as one of Northern Italy’s most reliable producers for hundreds of years. Terraced vineyards around the five historic towns of the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) produce a variety of award-winning whites, while some vineyards in the region are so remote that they are only accessible by boat – making Liguria a unique travel destination that combines wine tasting with coastal exploration.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Relax in the Alpine foothills

© Albergo L’Ostelliere – Villa Sparina Resort Set in the easternmost corner of Northern Italy, this small region bordering Austria and Slovenia has been gaining notoriety for its wine production over the last few decades. A hidden gem among the giants of Northern Italy’s wine producing regions, Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s location high in the Alpine foothills has created excellent conditions for white wine production – as well as divine surroundings to enjoy them in. A versatile destination, vineyard hotels here also offer access to the Adriatic Sea in the south, and the alluring Gulf of Trieste, which is shared by Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is also home to the famous Vini Lunardelli winery, known for producing wine bottles which feature labels picturing highly controversial historical figures, which has attracted international attention.

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