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From the idyllic southwestern coast to the sprawling Douro Valley to bustling Lisbon, a spa hotel in Portugal promises all the trappings for a dream vacation. Take your pick between lounging on the beach, fronting bright blue water in Lagos, or traversing the storied streets of Lisbon, a city with thirteen-hundred years of history. For those seeking the ideal balance between quaint and cosmopolitan, try a spa hotel in Porto, tucked magically at the crossroads between the mouth of the Douro Valley and the western coast of Portugal.

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From the Algarve Coast, to Lisbon, and through the ambling Douro Valley, Portugal has all the trappings of a dream vacation—with three-thousand hours of sunshine per year to boot. With almost 950 kilometers of coastline, this lush country inspires awe in every dip in the Atlantic and sip of Vinho Verde enjoyed on a sun drenched terrace. Lounge on golden beaches or lose yourself in the dreamlike landscape of the Douro Valley, brimming with charming baroque villages and sprawling vineyards.

Where to stay at a spa hotel in Portugal? Portugal’s regions at a glance:

The Algarve: Magical beaches & bustling coastal cities

© EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel Your coastal dream awaits at a spa hotel on the Algarve—with views of craggy cliffs, sublime blue water, and local delicacies, like stuffed smoked sausage and Caldo Verde, the unrivaled charm of Portugal’s southern coast promises to enchant. In a trendy spa hotel in Lagos, located just east of the southwestern tip of Portugal, you’ll be taken by the fascinating architecture of the city from the comfort of your luxurious room. Nestled between the hills surrounding the city, the gorgeous port, and the stunning open sea, spa hotels in Lagos offer a suite of views unmatched in their diversity. After a romantic breakfast on your windswept balcony, plan an exploration off the coast and delve into the nautical history that has defined Lagos since the Age of Discovery. Sagres lies at the southernmost tip of Europe, home to the ruined fortress of Fortaleza de Beliche, built in 1632. For a picturesque sunset stroll, amble through the fortress to the lighthouse of Ponta de Sagres and gaze into the vastness of the Atlantic. For a more secluded vibe, try a place by Albufeira or Almancil, where sea caves lie just on the other side of the hotels’ spa amenities, and just on the other side of that, bustling strips filled with bars and restaurants.

Lisbon: Historic grandeur in Portugal’s capital

© Corinthia Hotel Lisbon The capital of Portugal is home to almost a fifth of the population — and so much more. Lisbon encompasses all that is old and new, chock full of youthful excitement enriched by thirteen-hundred years of history. At a spa hotel in Lisbon, take in the grandeur of the coast from seaside windows, relishing in views too spectacular for photos. After breakfast on the terrace and the relaxation of a spa treatment, you’ll be reluctant to ever leave the comfort of your slice of paradise. Tucked away in the quieter streets of Lisbon, while still central, indulge in rooftop cocktails or a refreshing dip in the window-walled pool. Always just a stone’s throw from the happening shopping and gallery streets, and with vistas over the open sea from your window, a spa hotel in Lisbon is the perfect way to experience the spirit of Portugal’s capital while surrounded by utter comfort.

The Douro and Porto: Portugal’s ambling wine country & technicolor port city

© Six Senses Douro Valley In Portugal’s wine country, you’ll taste the two-hundred-fifty years of mastery in every glass of beloved Douro port, best enjoyed in a historic vineyard. Roam the luscious landscape by boat, taking plenty of time to marvel at tiny medieval towns and the unmatched natural artifacts of Portugal’s rich past. A spa hotel in the Douro tucks you between vast vineyards, straddling the Douro River in an environment that’s nothing short of serene. Between spa treatments unique to the Douro Valley, bask in the hotels’ manicured gardens, designed for your sunbathing pleasure. At the mouth of the Douro Valley is the country’s second largest city, Porto. If you’re having trouble deciding between the city and the countryside, a spa hotel in Porto is the perfect medium between quaint and cosmopolitan. Boasting innovative Portuguese haute-cuisine and terrace views of city’s technicolor riverfront, Porto’s spa hotels epitomize the romantic historicism of a city that’s aged as well as its wine—and one that promises to keep evolving.

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