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From the idyllic Baltic Coast, deep into the magical natural region of Masuria, to the Old Town of Warsaw or Krakow, a spa hotel in Poland promises a unique and always totally rejuvenating experience. On a beach chair on the white beaches of Sopot, on a kayak on one of the thousand lakes of “Lakeland”, or on a beautiful rooftop terrace looking out on the Książ Castle in Wroclaw: get ready to find yourself in magical Poland.

Spa Hotels Poland

Poland is a fascinating and diverse country in Central Europe – from “Phoenix” city-of-revival and capital, Warsaw, to the oasis that is the Baltic Coast, Poland and survived and thrived, transforming into the beautiful and culturally rich region we know today. Now, it provides a perfect environment for unwinding and forgetting the stresses of everyday life, surrounded by its particularly romantic aura. For a totally tranquil stint into nature, lose yourself in the sprawling natural wonder that is Masuria. For a traditional Polish vacation, filled with romantic sunsets and dips in glass-walled indoor pools, check out one of Poland’s favorite major cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, or Lodz.

Where to stay at a spa hotel in Poland? Poland’s regions at a glance:

Baltic Sea: Poland’s idyllic coast

Poland’s Baltic Coast is known and loved for its long sandy beaches, temperate weather, and charming coastal towns and cities. A vacation on the splendid Baltic Sea on Poland’s northern border promises total relaxation, beautiful sunsets, and plenty of opportunities for re-centering yourself. Try Poland’s largest and most extravagant beach resort in Sopot if you’re seeking long days spent under golden sun and in ritzy resorts. Tucked in-between the larger cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, these three coastal towns make up the perfect alliance in a most magical Tri-city region. In the port city of Gdansk, straddling the Vistula River, which opens up into the Gulf of Gdansk and then to the Baltic, settle in for a soothing massage at your spa hotel looking over the beautiful waterscape. The Western Pomeranian Region is world renowned for its focus on wellness – even the sea-air is filled with minerals. For a totally therapeutic escape, let yourself be pampered by the true wellness-masters of the region.

Masuria: Land of a thousand lakes

One of the finalists for the New7Wonders of Nature in 2011, Poland’s Masuria region boasts serene forests, pretty rolling hills, and a whole bunch of lakes. Known as Lakeland by many, this region, situated in Poland’s northeast, is the dream destination for those seeking a place to re-center themselves in the wake of absolute serenity. A spa hotel tucked in the hilly countryside, on one of the many lakes or connecting rivers, or within the lush forest, promises to enchant: in specialized spa treatments, opportunities for yoga and fitness, and all the tranquility one can ask for. A perfect day spent in Masuria is one that begins and ends in the same place: with a view of idyllic natural landscape and a feeling of rejuvenation in your spa hotel.

Warsaw: Room with a view

Poland’s beautiful capital brims with time-spanning architecture, gorgeous palaces, and surprisingly lush green spaces all throughout the city. With massive windows looking out onto the Main Market Square in Old Town, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site or the Saxon Garde, a public garden since 1727, revel in the romanticism of this historically and culturally rich city. In amazing indoor pools with sprawling views of the old city, on rooftop terraces over Vistula-sunsets, in a simple coffee shared on the balcony, a spa hotel in Warsaw promises to evoke a grandeur unique to Poland’s flourishing capital. The slipping away of everyday stress is a given in Warsaw — in every couples-massage, gourmet meal in the hotel restaurant, and full-night sleep in pristine and stylish rooms.

Krakow: Romantic charm

Krakow, Poland’s beloved cosmopolitan haven, radiates a confluence of energy from the Medieval times to contemporary metropolitanism. In super-stylish interiors, classy dining facilities, and top-of-the-line spa treatments, unwind in the friendly company of the locals of this lively city. In super romantic settings, lose yourself in the historic charm of Krakow. Chic hotel bars, friendly service, and rooftop terraces overlooking the many churches and other old monuments ensure you’ll get a taste of the true Polish charm without ever leaving the comfort of your spa hotel.

Wroclaw & Lodz

Wroclaw and Lodz, situated in the western region and the center of Poland, offer impressive histories, magnificent castles, and a particular Central European romanticism. Some interiors equipped with bricked walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, and always boasting delicious traditional cuisine, a spa hotel in Wroclaw or Lodz provides an authentic Polish experience. In Wroclaw, situated stately on the banks of the Oder River, relish in views of the Książ Castle and the architecture emblematic of a city that once housed the Kingdom of Poland, the Kingdom of Bohemia, and the Kingdom of Hungary – and you’ll really be feeling like royalty. Lodz, a culturally colorful city, boasts one of the longest shopping streets in the world – perfect for an afternoon of luxury shopping before dinner. Within walking distance to some great local restaurants and under the care of an always friendly and helpful staff, get ready to forget all your worries and slip into total relaxation in your beautiful spa hotel, together with romantic lighting concepts and first-rate spa facilities.

Good to know:

Getting there: Poland is rather centrally located and therefore quite easy to get to. One option is via Berlin: there are comfortable high-speed air-conditioned trains that run between Berlin’s accessible transport stations and all the major cities in Poland. If not that, a 2-hour flight from London to the airport in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw, followed by a quick taxi or rental-car ride will get you to your accommodation in any of these major cities. As for Masuria, fly into Olsztyn-Mazury airport, which is known as the gateway to Masuria, and then plan to rent a car or take the bus if you are staying in one of the smaller towns of the region.

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