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For lovers of the magical, the historical, and contemporary comfort, a design hotel in Portugal provides all the facilities and class for a wonderful stay within Portugal’s favorite countrysides, cities, and beaches. Try Lisbon or Porto for the perfect balance between city and beach life, under thousand-year-old skylines. For perennial sunshine and unparalleled beach-scapes, the Algarve and Madeira Island promise to take your breath away. For admirers of ambling countrysides, a design hotel in the Douro Valley or Alentejo promises a rejuvenating stay.

Design Hotels Portugal

Your holiday in Portugal should be about experiencing the region in its fullest: that’s why Portugal design hotels offer chic interiors that reflect the progressive and dynamic spirit of Portugal’s favorite cities, countrysides, and beaches. From the lively streets of Lisbon, to the quaint vineyard towns of Alentejo, to draw-dropping beaches on the Algarve, a design hotel in Portugal surrounds you with the vivacity unique to this southern European country.

Lisbon: Portugal’s capital for lovers of the unreal

© Corinthia Hotel Lisbon Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is packed with sights to see, local cuisine to snack on, and history to take in. This beach city on the western Atlantic coast is a place to watch – boasting happening nightlife, a vibrant contemporary art scene, and a plethora spots for hearing authentic Fado music. Marvel at the Torre de Belem, exhibiting a tangible fusion of architectural influence from the Moorish, the Gothic, to the Romanesque. Ride the funicular, take the elevator, or gear up for a hike up and around Lisbon’s seven hills, stopping at the viewpoints for panoramic views of the city and off the coast. In design hotels that reflect the chic and contemporary style of Portugal’s bustling capital, revel in the energy radiating from every street corner – best enjoyed over a table filled with fresh sardines and a glass of Port Tonic.

Alentejo: For admirers of the rural

© Torre de Palma Wine Hotel The expansive and wonderful lower-third of Portugal, Alentejo, is constituted by rural landscapes; replete with ambling wheat fields and castles on mountain tops. In the region’s capital, Évora, find design hotels tucked into cobblestoned streets, with influences of the Moorish and the Gothic lingering on every corner. For a true escape, head to one of the small vineyard towns in the region, and get the most out of your rural getaway. Between lunch on the terrace and cocktails in the hotel bar, embark on a short trip to the 15th-century sanctuary at Cabo Espichel, which may just be the most beautiful spot in the world for a sunset. Close to the border of Spain, check out the village of Monsaraz and trek the castle walls of an impressive height, granting unforgettable views over the Guardiana Valley. In clever lighting concepts, modern-minimalist interiors, and historic facades, you’ll be taken by the rural romanticism that possesses this inland region of Portugal.

Porto and the Douro Valley: Port city in a magical river landscape

© Porto Fira Suites Situated on the slopes above the Douro Estuary, equipped with a UNESCO World Heritage Site downtown, and filled with Baroque churches and Romanesque cathedrals, Porto is a picturesque port city and so much more. Wander through piazzas along the river or sit and enjoy the world-renowned Port Symphony orchestra in the Casa da Música concert hall. For fine dining, romantic sunsets, and blue-water-certified unpolluted beaches, head to where the district of Foz do Douro meets the Atlantic and prepare to be amazed. In design hotels with interiors that strike that balance between cool and posh, settle in for a stay as dynamic as the city itself. The Douro Valley, another World Heritage Site, is Portugal’s wine country, widely visited for a taste of that delicious Port wine. Feel the sophistication in your hotel’s innovative architecture and top-of-the-line cuisine within the region’s rural landscape.

Algarve: Beach holiday on the sun-drenched Atlantic Coast

© Pousada de Sagres Your dream beach vacation awaits on Portugal’s southern coast, the Algarve: from surfing on the Atlantic, to a glass of wine by the lagoon, to hiking the countryside through castle towns and citrus orchards. In Lagos, find blue-green water meeting the base of sea cliffs and golden beaches, a dynamic dining and drinking scene, and design hotels with cutting-edge design concepts and amazing amenities. Albufeira and Vilamoura boast pristine water, bustling party scenes, and opportunity for water sports with the whole family. At the “end of the world”, Sagres, find perfect beaches and a laidback vibe radiating through the quiet streets. In a design hotel just steps away from the authentic restaurants and bars of Sagres, find pools, elegant furnishings, and balconies or terraces primed for sunsets.

Madeira: Island of eternal spring

© Palheiro Village Madeira In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, prepare for volcanic rock-formations, hikes to the ends of the earth, and the presence of local flora and fauna. For fans of insane views and maybe a little vertigo, head to the Cabo Girão skywalk, hovering 580 meters high on a cliff overlooking the sea on Madeira’s southern coast. With myriad hiking trails for all levels, embark on an unforgettable journey to Madeira’s highest peak, along the channels to the 100-meter Risco Waterfall. Or, when you’d rather just take in the views, hop onboard the cable car system to the church where Emperor Charles is buried and then ride down in-style, on a basket toboggan. To fully experience the extremely warm and clean water, there is plenty of opportunity for diving, boating, whale-watching, and, even, swimming with the dolphins. At a design hotel on the beach, enjoy regional delicacies, rejuvenate in the spa facilities, or swim in pristine pools that stop only when the ocean begins.

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