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Book a hand-selected, unique boutique hotel in Portugal and bask in the distinctive history, culture and cuisine of this delicious European vacation destination. From the eternally charming Barrios of Lisbon to the stunning Algarve, boutique hotels all over Portugal provide visitors with beautifully designed spaces to call home. Ocean views, unique cuisine and plenty of annual sunshine make Portugal a top vacation destination year-round.

Boutique Hotels Portugal

Portugal’s diversity makes it a great location for a summer vacation. With its gorgeous shorelines and timeless cities, boutique hotels in Portugal are found in charming locations among the historic neighborhoods of Lisbon or Porto, or in rustic buildings which look out on the wild Atlantic Ocean. Discover the best of Portugal no matter where you stay with a hotel that provides the utmost comfort and state-of-the-art facilities and service.

Boutique Hotels in Portugal: Charming Accommodation for a Unique Getaway in Portugal

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Porto: Portugal’s Gorgeous Second City

With a rich history, rambling old town, charming buildings and divine cuisine, boutique hotels in Portugal’s second-city Porto should not be overlooked when considering your next summer vacation. Located on the stunning Costa Verde in the north of the country, Porto is perfect for those looking to combine a city break with an escape to the coast. The heart of the action is the Ribeira – Porto’s old town – a jumble of meandering cobbled streets leading up into the hills from the Duoro Riverside below. The main square along the riverfront is the pretty Praça da Ribeira which is surrounded by colorful buildings and is a wonderful spot to enjoy alfresco dining. When it comes to food, Portugal’s eclectic cuisine is hearty and delicious. The country is famous for its seafood, alongside cuisine influenced by its access to the Mediterranean. A popular must-try dish in Porto is Tripas à moda do Porto – a warm stew with beans, sausage, and tripe! Boutique hotels in northern Portugal so locate you close to the dramatic Atlantic beaches of the Costa Verde. Long sandy beaches and exceptional surf make the whole region a desirable location for an oceanfront boutique hotel, and even in Porto itself the Praia do Carneiro stands out as one of the most picturesque beaches with its lighthouse and 16th century São João da Foz fortress.

Lisbon: Portugal’s Timeless Capital

© Internacional Design Hotel Portugal’s capital is simply stunning. Sprawling along the banks of the River Tagus with access to the mighty Atlantic, Lisbon is a feast for the senses. Boutique hotels in Portugal’s Gothic capital serve as the perfect base to explore. With boutique hotels in Lisbon’s cool, historic and arty districts, visitors to the capital are placed in the heart of the action. The Alfama – Lisbon’s oldest district – is where the imposing Moorish citadel São Jorge overlooks the city. Further attractions of Alfama include the historic Remodelado trams, with the scenic E28 route which passes through the ancient district. Lisbon Baixa is the city’s commercial center, one comprised of vast plazas and grand shopping boulevards lined with boutique stores and commercial outlets. Ride the unique Elevador Santa Justa elevator which provides visitors with wonderful views over the city and walk around the dramatic Praça do Comércio on the edge of the river. The Belem Tower is another must-see historic site on the coast dating from the 15th century. While staying in the city center is advised if you want to partake in shopping sprees and the local nightlife, boutique hotels outside Portugal’s capital offer a more relaxed atmosphere. Nearby Cascais is the perfect location for a beach hotel in Portugal. It’s located on the coast west of Lisbon and provides access to three beautiful beaches on which you can relax and unwind – less than an hour from the bustling capital.

The Algarve: The Ultimate Beach Retreat

© Vila Joya Get out of the city and hit the Algarve, where you’ll find a fantastic selection of unique beach hotels all along Portugal’s southern coast. The area needs little introduction; famous for its vibrant, child-friendly resort towns, turquoise water and intriguing rock formations, Portugal’s south coast is perfect for a warm summer getaway. In the region’s capital Faro, sites include a preserved medieval harbor close to shimmering lagoons location in protected landscapes. Further west towards Lagos, Portimão charms with a location on the Rio Arade estuary with an attractive riverfront lined with restaurants and bars. On the far west peninsular, the town of Sagres stretches out into the Atlantic. The town is small, but boutique hotels in this far-flung area of Portugal provide a sense of drama unlike anywhere else in the country. Stroll the cliffs, visit the lighthouse at Cape St. Vincent and Sagres Fortress, and check out the surf havens on Praia de Mareta, Praia do Tonel and Beliche. Boutique hotels all over Portugal provide all the best facilities for you to access this timeless and charming country.

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