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Holiday in a hotel near the beach in sunny Albufeira

Although Albufeira is cosy and manageable, it is also the largest and liveliest holiday resort in the Algarve. Once just a small fishing village with a few houses, Albufeira now boasts a wide range of restaurants, bars and hotels, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Thus, Albufeira is suitable for a quiet holiday with the family as well as for a cosy holiday for two because of its picturesque beaches and the many entertainment and excursion possibilities. The contemplative old town of Albufeira invites you to stay. A jump into the deep-blue Atlantic Ocean provides a pleasant refreshment. Furthermore, Albufeira is an excellent starting point for exploring the whole Algarve due to its location.

From beautiful beaches and a picturesque old town - Excursions around Albufeira

The city has several fine sandy beaches, such as the Praia do Peneco. These can usually be reached after a short walk if you stay in one of the hotels close to the beach in Albufeira. Many of the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve can be easily reached from Albufeira. The Praia dos Pescadores is an excellent and clean beach featuring a beautiful fine sand. It is also considered to be very safe, which makes it especially suitable for a family trip. The unique Praia da Marinha, which among other things is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, can be easily reached in a short drive by car. But the region around Albufeira is not only ideal for a beach holiday, there is also plenty of culture and adventure to be found here. A popular activity is a boat trip to one of the secluded bays. With a bit of luck, you can even spot dolphins there. The city centre of Albufeira with its narrow streets and the white church is worth seeing as well as the neighbouring towns of Faro or Silves, which can be visited on a day trip. Last but not least, Albufeira is also known for its excellent nightlife. The city has many theme bars and clubs where you can enjoy yourself until the early hours of the morning.

Sights of the surroundings

A particularly popular attraction for families are the water and theme parks of the region. Although none of them are located directly in Albufeira, the water park Slide & Splash is only about 30km away and can be reached quickly. The Zoomarine Algarve park is also not far from the city. Here you will find a variety of water slides and the possibility to swim with dolphins. For those interested in culture, a visit to the Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila is definitely worthwhile. Here you can learn more about the Roman settlement of this area and you can marvel at historical finds from this period in the museum belonging to it. About 8km away from Albufeira in the inland, there is the castle of Paderne. It was built in the 12th century by the Berbers and shows the complex history of the multicultural settlement of the south of Portugal. A walk through the historic old town of Albufeira will make you feel the times when notorious sailors returned home after a long journey. The coast around Albufeira is full of excellent beaches, which can often be reached on foot from the city centre. Wine lovers also get their money's worth here. The winegrowers offer guided tours through the vineyards with tasting on request.

Culinary specialities of the region

Due to its direct location on the Atlantic Ocean, the entire south of Portugal is especially characterized by fish and seafood dishes. A large part of the regional restaurants therefore specialise primarily in local dishes with regional ingredients. The bacalhau, dried cod with regional variations in preparation, which is particularly popular throughout Portugal, is considered a national dish. It is simply served with eggs or with cream, onions and garlic. An equally popular dish is Arroz de marisco. This rice dish is similar to the Spanish paella and consists of rice and various seafood. With a combination of meat and seafood, Carne à alentejana offers an equally delicious alternative. This goulash like stew is usually prepared with pork and mussels. But of course, you can also find steaks of tuna or swordfish on the menus at most inns. Those who prefer to do without meat or fish can try the simple cabbage soup Caldo Verde. This is often prepared vegetarian and has long been a tradition in Portugal. After an extensive main course, a Portuguese coffee is almost obligatory. The so-called bica is similar to an espresso and is served either straight or with a little milk. Wine lovers also get their money's worth in the region around Albufeira. Portuguese wines are known worldwide for their high quality but compared to the wine-growing regions of Italy or France, they are still an insider tip.

Ideal travel time for a holiday in Albufeira

The ideal time to travel to Albufeira is from April to October. During this time the weather is usually particularly stable. Holidaymakers can enjoy the many hours of sunshine every day during this period. During the summer months of July and August temperatures can often rise above 30°C, but the constant sea breeze always ensures a pleasant mild climate. From April onwards, the water temperature usually rises above 20°C, and during the summer the sea can warm up to 25°C. This period is therefore considered the ideal time for a beach and bathing holiday. Furthermore, the rainfall is lowest during the summer. The Portuguese winter, especially the months of November and December, is more often accompanied by rain. Nevertheless, this season also has its charm. The climate is generally milder than in Central Europe, and with fewer visitors, you often have the beaches almost to yourself.

Best ways to get there

The most comfortable way to travel from Germany is by plane. There are daily direct connections from some airports in Germany to Faro, the closest airport of Albufeira. Alternatively, there are also regular flights to Lisbon. From there, one can get to the south of Portugal by bus or a rental car. If you have more time available, you can also travel from Germany to Albufeira by train or long-distance bus.

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