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Portugal’s wine country is as diverse as the wine itself. From the sweet port of the Douro Valley to the rich reds of the Alentejo region, Portugal’s vineyard hotels promise to totally immerse you in the fine world of wine. A stay in a historic Quinta or a modern resort on the Douro River promises tranquility among wonderful landscapes and friendly people. In Alentejo, pamper yourself with mouth-watering cuisine and deluxe spa centers. Make sure to schedule in tours of the onsite wineries and tastings in the gardens to round-off the experience.

Vineyard Hotels Portugal

On the banks of the Douro River lies pristine vineyards and wonderful natural landscapes. Wine lovers are sure to get their fix in deluxe vineyard hotels with onsite winery tours and tastings, surrounded by green stripes of viticulture and untouched rolling hills. Treat yourself to true tranquility, with the cherry on top being the excellent cuisine served on sunny terraces or in attached gardens. Vineyard hotels in Portugal are cosy and leave nothing to be desired, tastefully-appointed and equipped with swimming pools and spa centers. Some spots even offer free bike rental so you can get the most out of the the lush landscape.

Where to stay at a vineyard hotel in Portugal? Top regions at a glance:

Douro Valley: Portugal’s wine country

© Six Senses Douro Valley The Douro Valley is Portugal’s most famous wine region. Stretching from Porto east through the bucolic landscapes of the north, the land is speckled with sprawling vineyards perched on the Douro River. Winemaking in this particularly beautiful corner of the earth has been perfected over millennia; the region’s crown jewel being port, a sweet, fortified wine produced with distilled grape spirits. The region’s vineyard hotels focus on promoting a calm and relaxing environment for all guests, together with attached gardens, fit for strolling and wine tastings, and warmly-furnished rooms. Opt for a tour of the wineries with a friendly host, a wonderful dinner of Portuguese delicacies on the terrace, or a nighttime swim in pristine pools. Surrounded by green stripes of land that softly slope into the banks of the river, the scenery is simply breathtaking, and best experienced slowly, by foot, bike, or via river cruise. For a wellness-oriented holiday, vineyard hotels in Douro Valley provide real opportunity to reset within the peaceful grounds, if not in the well-equipped spa areas. If you just can’t get enough, head north of the Douro Valley and set off on the Vinho Verde wine route, which runs from Porto north through verdant hill-scapes, olive groves, mountains, and rushing waterfalls. On the route, find rustic charm and plenty of light white wine, perfect for daytime sipping.

Alentejo Region: Romantic countrysides

© Alentejo Marmòris Hotel & Spa, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World The Alentejo region is located in the south of Portugal, occupying about a third of the country. Boasting a laidback, countryside vibe, this wine region is the choice for those who like the quiet life. Time here is best spent taking in the hot sun and the rural views. Foodies will be in heaven with dishes that are best sopped up with fresh bread: delicious cheeses, stews, and regional dishes made with pork and clam. Some gourmet hotels even have Michelin-star chefs in the kitchen, or novelty treats like weekly chocolate fountains. A major producer of easy-drinking reds, you’ll soon find that even the most “banal” of the varietals is something special in Alentejo. The vineyard hotels are set up with über-modern design concepts, or are housed in historic villas in the center of charming old towns. While away a day in a totally relaxing ambience, next to the pristine pool or on a romantic lunch date with a view of the hilly countryside. Spanning northeast from Lisbon, the capital of Alentejo is Évora; a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, this timeless city is speckled with medieval ruins and Roman fortifications. For a fun day trip, stroll through the labyrinthine old town and check out the cathedral. On top of this, just south of Alentejo wine region happens to be one of the world’s most beautiful coasts, the Algarve. Combine a wine-stay with a beach-stay for the vacation of a lifetime.

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Getting there: Fly to Porto OPO Airport in just over two hours from London. Just a one and half-hour drive from Porto, the Douro Valley is not only one of the most beautiful countrysides there is; it is also allegedly home to the best road-trip route in the world. Pick up a car in Porto and drive slowly, making plenty of stops on the way to your vineyard hotel. If you’re not interested in renting a car, you can also travel via scenic train, which is a cheaper and perhaps simpler option. To get to Alentejo, you’ll probably want to rent a car. Fly into Faro or Lisbon and drive on largely-unpopulated roads to reach your hotel. A lot of the small towns, where your hotel may be located, do not have their own train station.

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