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Spanish reds, sumptuous feasts, and rural charm: Why not treat yourself to a vacation spent in the wine-sipping action, nestled up next to one of Spain’s most marvelous vineyards? Ruined castles, opulent cathedrals, and undulating scenery are just the beginning. The rest is up to you: Sit back and enjoy a romantic sunset on the terrace, curb your curiosity in a tour of the vineyards, or devote a day to strolling up and around Spain’s island mountains.

Vineyard Hotels Spain

Spain is renowned internationally for its perfectly crafted wine, storied landscapes, and dreamlike vacation spots. The rich variety of wine has been a favorite for hundreds of years, historically enjoyed even by our favorite scholars, American poet Hemingway and Spanish essayist Unamuno. While inevitably caught in a vineyard-side daydream at a luxurious hotel, you’ll be enamored by all the history and grandeur of one of the world’s most stunning countrysides.

Vineyard Hotels in Spain: Vineyard Hotels in Spain’s vast wine country and peaceful islands

Basque Country: Escape to fairytale-esque countryside

© Valdonica Vineyard Residence Sublimely situated at the northernmost border of Spain, Basque County is a Spanish heaven. A vineyard hotel in one of the tiny towns, Eskuernaga, Guardia, Altzusta, and Villabuena de Alava, situates you within the storied countryside — equipped with elegant cave dining rooms, in-house wine cellars, and views of the sprawling grape-filled scenery. Cozied up on a terrace at the mouth of one of Spain´s rushing rivers, you’ll be caught daydreaming over bites of delicious tapas and sips of vermouth. The stained-glass windows and stone stairs leading down into the vineyards can be likened to a fairytale. Views of baroque cathedrals from spacious patios, that appear to have been curated for enjoying romantic sunsets, are only enhanced from the comfort of your traditional vineyard hotel.

La Rioja: Treat yourself to Spain’s best wine

© Valdonica Vineyard Residence Just south of Basque Country, nestled under the Cantabrian Mountains, lies the La Rioja province. An autonomous community, La Rioja is adored for its long list of natural and historical wonders and known for producing the best wines of Spain. In a vineyard hotel in Ábalos, Briñas, or Cassalarreina, you’ll be pampered by unbelievable rural landscapes and delicious Spanish Reds. La Rioja is the least populated region of Spain, so you’ll find plenty of space to roam through stately castles and ruined ephemera in the quiet company of the locals. A vineyard hotel promises to enchant in ivy-covered stone walls and ornate gardens, perfect for enjoying a wine-filled sunset with the one you love. The Rioja region even has its own style of tapas. Many bars and restaurants specialize their menus around a particular ingredient — try a place with only mushrooms or crab fish cakes dishes.

Baleares & Canaries: While away a perfect day on Spain’s islands

© Valdonica Vineyard Residence On Spain’s Canary and Balearic Islands, be prepared to be swept away into a refined bliss: This suite of islands promises the best beaches, nothing but sun, and a packed calendar of water-sporting, tapas-eating, and fun-having. Book a trip to the Balearic Islands for a much needed escape in a romantic vineyard hotel. After spending the day trying out the hotel’s wide variety of nooks, gardens, and pools, curb your appetite with a gorgeous dinner enjoyed under a vine covered veranda. On Majorca or Menorca, located off Spain’s Eastern coast, you’ll find warm and clear seawater and all the best pastries, cheese, wine, and seafood you can dream up. For a romantic adults-only holiday, book a stay off the coast of northwestern Africa on the Canary Islands. Cozy up in a luxurious hotel with your beloved on the largest island, Tenerife — whiling away the day sharing regional cuisine on the rooftop terrace and bottles of wine with a dazzling view of Spain’s largest mountain. In the tranquil village of Vilaflor, you’ll get the peace and quiet you deserve — lavish spa sessions and the hotel’s new Ayurveda treatments are just the cherry on top of a retreat nothing short of magical.

Alicante: Reboot in the idyllic Province

© Valdonica Vineyard Residence At a vineyard hotel in the Alicante, just thirty minutes from the spectacular Costa Blanca, revel in the union between contemporary comfort and untouched natural beauty. From an endless hotel pool, which spills out onto the horizon, take in unparalleled views of the Serra Del Reclot foothills. In the charming village of La Romana, days are spent horseback riding, indulging in lavish tapas-feasts, and meandering through luscious vineyards. Offering a wide variety of spa treatments and massage packages, a vineyard hotel in the Alicante Province is the perfect location for a rejuvenating and magical getaway.

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The Spanish Schedule: Keep in mind when traveling to Spain that the Spanish are known to operate on a different schedule: During siesta, which takes place usually between 1-4, many shops and restaurants are closed so the employees can indulge in the afternoon lull. Tapas or Pintxos (bite-sized tapas) are enjoyed with pre-dinner drinks, while proper dinner doesn’t begin until 10 pm or later. And, if you’re lucky enough to dine with the locals, you should plan on chowing for at least a couple of hours into the night.

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