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Germany is widely known for its wine production: there’s no better way to spend a summer evening than with a cool glass of Riesling and a view of something beautiful. Check into a vineyard hotel to live this moment nonstop for the duration of your stay — whether in the famous Mosel region, the Riesling lover’s paradise the Palatinate, in the lush countryside surrounding the River Rhine, or in sunny south Germany, if it’s wine and decadence you’re after, look no further than a vineyard hotel in Germany.

Vineyard Hotels Germany

Germany is well known for its crisp white wines perfect for sunny summer afternoons and its light bodied Spätburgunder Pinot Noir fit for a wintry evening by the fireplace. For a totally romantic and indulgent getaway, bring your beloved along to a vineyard hotel in Germany to taste some of Europe’s favorite varietals in some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes. These hotels on the Mosel or Rhine River, in the Palatinate, or in the dreamy Bavarian countryside are traditionally furnished and designed with über romantic interiors that look even better after a couple glasses of regional wine.

Where to stay at a vineyard hotel in Germany? Top locations at a glance:

Mosel: Germany’s oldest and best-known wine region

© Hotel Halfenstube & Villa Spa 1894 Mosel is staggeringly beautiful and fantastically cultivated — in all the vineyards lining steep hills leading down to the Mosel River, all the Roman architecture and charming old towns and villages, and the laid-back, elegant energy of Germany’s oldest wine-growing region. The vineyard hotels in the Mosel region have secured the most stunning locations, surrounded by sprawling vineyards free to tour, hilly countrysides, the Vosges mountains, and verdant greenery as far as the eye can see. Settle in your spacious room with a bottle of crisp and fruity sparkling wine, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris, or Chardonnay all perfectly produced in the limestone soils of the area. In Trier, located near Germany’s border with Luxembourg, wander the ancient streets that crisscross between the Roman Porta Nigra gate and other ruins and well-preserved Roman structures. The terrain and climate of the region makes for some of the best wine-growing conditions around: generally cooler temperatures, sloped riverbanks allowing for direct sunlight, and porous soil, which also makes for low-alcohol wines, best sipped all day long. Mosel Rieslings are Germany’s pride and joy; there’s no better way to enjoy a glass or three than on the patio of your vineyard hotel or on a tour of the hotel vineyard.

The Palatinate: Another Riesling bitte!

© Hotel Schloss Edesheim Located in southwest Germany, bordering Saarland, and making up the southern chunk of the state Rhineland-Palatinate, the Palatinate or Pfalz spans 23,800 hectares and is host to the world’s largest wine festival, Germany’s Wine Route road trip route, and the world’s largest Riesling-producing region. The vineyard hotels that populate the region are super elegant and classically German — striking a lovely balance between traditional country-house style and modern design with first-rate amenities and facilities, and all paired with a bottle of wine. The Palatinate is the perfect summer destination, particularly because the Riesling is often served as a Shorle (wine mixed with sparkling water) in the region, making for easy drinking especially during the annual wine festivals held in each wine-producing town and village. If making the journey down the Wine Route, there’s no better addition to your wine-themed trip than a stay at a vineyard hotel; you won’t even have to leave the grounds to experience and taste the full magic of the Palatinate wine country. The top wine hotels are situated right in the thick of the hilly natural landscapes, which all true wine connoisseurs know makes for a particularly delicious sipping experience. Head to Speyer, Landau, Frankenthal, or Neustadt for sweet hospitality and extra romantic accommodation offerings on picturesque vineyards.

Baden and Franconia: Wining and dining in southern Germany

© Becksteiner Rebenhof The wine regions that dot Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany have been blessed with dramatic and varied landscapes and plenty of sun, making some areas, namely Baden and Franconia, perfect for wine production. Head to a vineyard hotel around Lake Constance or in northern Bavaria near Würzburg and settle into a decadent and well-rounded holiday, replete with fine whites, organic gourmet cuisine, and stunning views of sparkling mountain lakes backed by rolling vineyards backed by the mighty Bavarian Alps. Southern Germany is perhaps better known for its beer, but the exceptional flavors of the regions’ Spätburgunder, Grauburgunder, and the Baden specialty Badisch Rotgold (a mix of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris) are something to write home about. Beyond the drinks is the classic German Gemütlichkeit you’ve heard so much about — best experienced at a local restaurant in Baden, which is allegedly where Germany’s finest regional cuisine is found, with a bowl of roe deer roast or a dish with tripe, capped off with a huge slice of Black Forest cake. Back at your vineyard hotel, go for a nightcap in the stylish but traditional wine cellar where you can drink straight from the barrels, or dive in for a night swim in the massive indoor pool.

Wine on the River Rhine: Pretty scenes in Rheinhessen, Rheingau, and Mittelrhein

The rest of the Rhine River is speckled with other equally charming wine districts including Germany’s largest Rheinhessen, Rheingau, and Mittelrhein. The wine producers of the Land of 1,000 Hills, Rheinhessen, have been perfecting their craft on the banks of the Rhine since the Roman times. In this stunning valley consisting of rolling hills and sprawling farmlands, wine fanatics are sure to find the uncomplicated, high-quality, modern wines to be to their liking. A vineyard hotel in one of the larger towns of Mainz or Worms, or out in the undulating countryside, affords sweeping views of striped wineries and offers opportunity for all the wine-oriented activities you could want, among them guided tours of the wine cellars and vineyards and, of course, organized tastings of a subtle Sylvaner or Pinot Gris. In addition to wine, Rheinhessen and the other regions along the Rhine in Rhineland-Platinate provide amazing dining opportunities, including a suite of Michelin-star restaurants and the many must-visit Straußwirtschaften (seasonal wine taverns unique to Southern Germany’s wine-producing regions). When a winemaker wants to promote a new or recently bottled wine, they open these ephemeral, makeshift bars either right on their vineyard or within local pubs and sell their wine directly to the thirsty public, alongside a small menu of very local dishes like black pudding and sausage salad. Head to nearby Rheingau and Mittelrhein to experience a Straußwirtschaften and for more beautiful vineyard hotels and more fun within the Rhine’s bucolic natural scenery.

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