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Hotels Heidelberg

Are you looking for a romanic hotel in Heidelberg? We have selected a charming hotel for you which is full of romance. Heidelberg is one of Germany`s most beautiful small towns and it is situated on the river Neckar. Its historic half-timbered houses and the vineyards which surround the town, contribute to the special idyll which can be experienced there. A trip to the Heidelberger Schloss which overlooks the town is a worthwile endeavor. Winding lanes invite you to walk around town where small cafes and restaurants offer high-quality German cuisine. Especially romantic couples or newly-weds on their honeymoon must visit our Heidelberg Hotel, located on the Neckar, because there they will find a romantic home. Also gourmets will find it pleasant to stay in the hotel since it offers excellent food. Enjoy our very unique Heidelberg Hotel!