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Hotels Cologne

Cologne© THE QVEST hideawayAre you looking for selected Cologne Hotels? Experience Cologne in one of Escapios charming Cologne Hotels. The cathedral is Colognes destinctive landmark. Its belfry is 157 meter high and provides an astonishing view over the city. Those who want to get to know the Cologne people, are recommended to choose a Cologne Hotel in the city center. From there it is a good starting point to visit the Old Town with its many pubs. Besides excellent German cuisine and ´Kölsch(Colognes special type of beer), you can easily make new friends, because the Cologne people are known for their open-minded and curious character. Cologne not only accommodates renowned theaters and excellent galeries, but with ´We will rock you - The Queen Musical` it also possesses a real crowd-puller. Enjoy your stay in one of the following types of Escapio hotels: Design Hotels Cologne, Boutique Hotels Cologne, Historic Hotels Cologne, 4 Star Hotels Cologne and 5 Star Hotels Cologne. Have fun experiencing Cologne in one of our selected Cologne Hotels.