The Best Hotels in Zurich

Zurich seems somehow serene - no wonder when it is regularly named the city with the world's best quality of life. Around the Limmat is the old town with stylish hotels under the striking double tower of the Grossmünster. Culture lovers love the numerous museums such as Kunsthaus (European) or Museum Rietberg (non-European). And if you want to relax even more, visit Lake Zurich, which has always been a favorite recreation area for the Swiss. Last but not least, one encounters a distinct nightlife in Zurich.

Hotels in Zurich

Hotels in Zurich © Schweizerhof Zürich

A gentle touch of snow, flavors of hot chocolate and sweet Swiss fondue – these are only a few fragments of pleasures that Zurich can offer to a traveler. A toy-like city, hospitable and welcoming, overflowing with cordial warmth, which is dominant despite sometimes severe climate – this is how tourists see Zurich. Lakes nestling in the city area, parklands occupying its major part, architecture mixed up in a soft concoction of modernity and classic influences – if the world is only a God’s draft, then this city will definitely be traduced into final version, so beautiful it is. You also can admire this beauty and become a part of it for some time while you stay in beautiful Zurich hotels. Yet be ready that Zurich will definitely become a part of you, a small yet irremovable fracture, a source of positive emotions and happy memories. Having once entered a fairytale, don’t expect it to leave you.

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