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A stunning port city on the Ligurian Sea, Livorno (Leghorn in English) has been an important trading port since the 17th century, one which today still attracts visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking to the discover exceptional beaches on the often overlooked Tuscan Coast, take daytrips to some of Italy’s most beloved medieval cities or simply explore a gorgeous city packed with history, art and culture then look no further than a beach hotel in Livorno.

Beach Hotels Livorno

For centuries, Livorno has been a multicultural hub of trade, commerce and maritime history. These days, vestiges of its illustrious past can be seen in its meandering canals, mix of architectural styles and statues commemorating war heroes and naval officers. For travelers seeking a traditional beach vacation, Livorno might not be your first choice. However, with its access to sublime (and often quiet) beaches, arguably the best seafood on the Tyrrhenian coast and other regional highlights, beach hotels in and around Livorno provide more than meets the eye.

Beach Hotels in Livorno: Top Attractions & Destinations to Discover From Your Beach Hotel

Livorno: A Tuscan City with Coastal Allure

Purpose-built in the 16th century to meet the demand for a thriving port in Renaissance era Italy, Livorno’s attractions are unique and countless. Beach hotels along this bustling section of the Tuscan coast blend the best of a seaside vacation with the sights and sounds of a historic city. Sun seekers looking to hit the beach will have no problem in Livorno. Not only do most beach hotels come with exceptional swimming and wellness facilities, but just south of the city is the stunning Calafuria Beach Club – the ultimate hangout for the Livorno’s most stylish individuals. If a beach club isn’t your style, then you’ll find plenty of nooks and crannies along the Etruscan Coast. Castiglioncello and Rosignano Solvay are only a short drive down the picturesque coastal highway and provide exceptional swimming, snorkeling and beach opportunities for those looking to unwind in the Tuscan sunshine. Back in the city, Livorno has a multitude of attractions to keep visitors with a beach hotel entertained away from the beach. A must-see is the Fortezza Vecchia – an old fortress which stands proudly at the opening of the harbor, providing an insight into the city’s past. Further sites to enjoy while staying with a beach hotel in Livorno are the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori – housing works of the famous 19th century painter who was born in the city – and the Sanctuary of Montenero. The winding canals and bridges of the gorgeous Nuova Venezia provide a touch of Venice in Tuscany, and are the perfect spot to enjoy a fresh, homemade seafood linguine in a traditional setting. Visitors to Livorno with a beach hotel should not miss the stunning ocean view granted from a stroll down the Terrazza Mascagni, especially as the sun sets over the city. The city’s expansive port also offers fantastic ferry links to the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica, which could make beach hotels in Livorno just one stop on a tour of the Tyrrhenian Coast’s most beautiful sites.

Florence, the Cinque Terre & Pisa: Explore Beyond Livorno

No vacation to Tuscany would be complete without spending a little time in Florence. The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is an enchanting destination for any traveler. A 5-star hotel in the heart of the city will give you exceptional access to the imposing Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio. Best of all, Florence is only an hour and 30 minutes from any beach hotel in Livorno – making it an exceptional day trip. Even closer to Livorno’s city center is Pisa; best known for its 800-year-old Leaning Tower. This iconic structure is well worth seeing while on your beach vacation in Livorno, but Pisa has plenty more to offer. Start your tour at Campo dei Miracoli, where you will find green lawns, a Romanesque cathedral and the tower itself before heading into the city to enjoy riverside walks and homemade gelato along the Arno. Beach hotels in Livorno are an excellent choice for those looking to explore the Italian Riviera, too. From Livorno it’s only one hour by train to La Spezia – the gateway to the stunning Cinque Terre. These are five colorful villages seemingly tumble over the cliff side and provide ample opportunity for hiking, exploration and exceptional sea views. Located between Livorno and La Spezia are further coastal hotspots such as Forte di Marmi and Viareggio which offer further unique opportunities for a stylish coastal retreat.