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Rovinj, or Rovigno in Italian, serves as one of the many exciting destinations in Croatia’s Istrian coast. A wonder of the Mediterranean that is often overlooked, beach hotels in Rovinj provide access to Venetian charm in an active fishing village that hasn’t changed much in the last century. With national parks, an attractive seafront, plenty of beaches and a unique blend of Italian and Croatian culture, beach hotels in Rovinj offer the ideal getaway for couples and families looking to explore the Istrian peninsula.

Beach Hotels Rovinj

Beach Hotels in Rovinj: Top Destinations to Explore on Croatia’s Istrian Coast

Rovinj: Timeless Beauty in the Heart of Istria

Located beneath the Lim canal, the stunning Mediterranean city of Rovinj serves as the picturesque heart of the lush Istrian peninsular. If the south has Dubrovnik, the north has Rovinj, and beach hotels along its shores provide the perfect setting to recharge your batteries. The region’s old town juts out into the glittering ocean, surrounded by water on three sides and connected to the mainland by a bridge. Venetian-style buildings are tightly jumbled together, connected by timeless cobblestone streets that feel like they have been ripped straight from a fairytale. Piercing the sky from its location in the heart of the old town is the imposing Church of St Euphemia – the largest baroque structure in Istria. A beach hotel in Rovinj provides more than just attractive surroundings, and the best beaches in Istria can be found to the south in the Zlatni rt and Škaraba Park Forest. Several picturesque shingle beaches with translucent water puncture this protected peninsula. Lone Bay beach is one of the most popular, but there are several less frequented coastal hideaways to unwind upon such as Golden Cape, Skaraba and the rocky Balsamake. For intriguing day trips to remnants of Croatia’s past, Rovinj is second-to-none on the Istrian coast. Speak to your hotel about organizing a trip to Monkodonja, a Bronze Age hillfort that was inhabited for 600 years before being abandoned. If you have time, also venture out of Rovinj to the abandoned medieval town of Dvigrad. The vestiges of Illyrian history still dominate the Lim fjord in forts, walls and castles that have been left to the elements for a thousand years. When you stay with a beach hotel in Rovinj, the region’s exceptional history is on your doorstep, as are the rugged beaches that make this region of Istria so popular with locals and visitors.

Further Destinations on the Istrian Coast

Beyond the luxurious beach hotels in Rovinj, the Istrian peninsula has much to offer travelers in northern Croatia. Most will kick off their trip in Pula, the peninsula’s biggest city. Here, a coastal port meets a wealth of Roman architecture, and there are even a handful of excellent beach hotels to help facilitate your time here. In the heart of the city is a Roman amphitheater that can rival the Colosseum, and other vestiges of this former Roman outpost can be found in the Temple of Augustus and the Roman Floor Mosaic. Alongside Pula’s historic wonders, there are plenty of coastal hangouts to discover too. While beach hotels on Rovinj have Zlatni Rt, Pula has the Brijuni National Park. Ferries from Pula harbor regularly depart to Brijuni, which plays host to diverse flora and fauna alongside rocky beaches and blue skies. This hidden paradise is an idyllic location for a beach hotel that provides tranquility away from the city. If you wish to explore more the Istrian coast, travel from your beach hotel in Rovinj north to the popular resort city of Poreč. Much like Pula, Poreč’s roots extend back to the Roman Empire, with examples of baroque, Gothic and Romanesque architecture puncturing the timeless architecture in the pretty old town. The Euphrasian Basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and well worth visiting while exploring the town. The surrounding area is entirely devoted to serving the summer crowds who descend upon Poreč in high season; offering ten kilometers of varied beaches, seaside activities and exceptional beach hotels.

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