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While the Greek Islands enchant visitors with their mythology, captivating beauty and exclusive atmosphere, few places in this enormous archipelago seduce visitors as much as Santorini. Beach hotels in this region are simply exquisite, providing access to some of the finest beaches, towns and ancient sites in Greece. Uncover the wonders of the caldera, meander through cliff-side towns and discover why Greek food is among the most beloved cuisines in the world.

Beach Hotels Santorini

With its white-washed walls and blue roofs, the Cycladic architecture of Santorini is unmistakable. A destination that needs no introduction, beach hotels in Santorini are just as enchanting as you’d imagine; sun-drenched decks, infinity pools and 5-star service. Beach hotels in Fira, Oia or Kamari overlook the glittering Aegean with access to ancient sites and spectacular sunsets.

Beach Hotels in the Santorini Region: Stunning Hotels in the Exceptional Greek Islands

Oia & Fira: Falling into the Ocean

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family or enjoying a truly romantic vacation with your other half, beach hotels on Santorini will provide everything you need for the perfect getaway. Begin your exploration of this ancient island in Fira, Santorini’s capital. Perched almost haphazardly on the island’s western coastline, Fira’s steep streets house a multitude of authentic Greek restaurants, bars and sweeping views over the sunken caldera. Furthermore, Fira is an excellent base for exploring Akrotiri – the ruins of a Bronze Age settlement which was destroyed when the island erupted in 1627 BC. It’s also home to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archeological Museum, which are both packed with artefacts from the island’s volcanic history. Be sure to snap a picture of the famous Three Bells before leaving the town. Further north is Oia, another popular destination for beach hotels in Santorini. Oia is equally enchanting and immaculate from both land and sea. Like Fira, the town seemingly clings to the cliff in a jumble of gorgeous blue roofs and white walls. One of the most beautiful spots to snap a few pictures is the ruins of a Byzantine Castle, while beach-seekers can find respite in Amoudi Bay and the nearby Lapyahan beach. From the harbor you can take a ferry ride to Therasia, Santorini’s sister island, which combines a wilder landscape with authentic communities and beautiful churches.

Imerovigli & Kamari: Off the beaten track

While Fira and Oia attract much of the tourism in Santorini, it’s worth seeking a beach hotel in the islands many other villages. Equally beautiful, Imerovigli is only a mile from Fira, and has a much more laidback atmosphere. Much smaller than its neighbor, Imerovigil has a nice collection of bars and restaurants among the 5-star hotels that all come with exceptional sunset views over the gorgeous Caldera. It’s also only a 30-minute walk along the coast to Fira to make the most of the pulsating atmosphere of Santorini’s capital. Alternatively, a beach hotel on Santorini’s eastern coast provides sun-seekers with dramatic volcanic landscapes and black sand. The resort town of Kamari is only a few miles from the airport, and is ideal for families with little ones. Kamari beach is the main attraction, and the promenade that runs along it is packed with tourist stores, bars and restaurants so you’ll never have to travel far from your deck chair. Just south of Kamari is Perivolos beach – another excellent spot to unwind on the sand while enjoying a beach hotel in Santorini.

Further Greek Islands to Discover

One of the best things about beach hotels on the Greek Islands is the ability to hop from one to another. From your beach hotel in Santorini, stunning destinations like Mykonos, Naxos and Ios are only a short ferry ride across the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is one of the best places in Greece to party, but there is more to the island than just its nightlife. Beautiful beaches, glamorous bars and clubs and the nearby archeological site of Delos make Mykonos a well-rounded destination. The nearby Naxos is equally magical, and a lot less populated during the height of the season. Naxos is the largest in the Cycladic Islands and is full of meandering cobbled streets, isolated beaches and exceptional Ancient Greek ruins. On a clear day, you might be able to look out from the balcony of your Santorini beach hotel and see Ios’ glittering coastline on the horizon. Only one hour from Santorini’s northern coast, Ios is another of the region’s hedonistic hideaways. Nightlife here seeps into the early hours during the summer, but out of season Ios is all about hilltop villages, rugged hiking routes and blissful sunny beaches.

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