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A walled city with thousands of years of history; Dubrovnik is a jewel of the Adriatic coast. Famous for its red roofs and time-worn streets, the city’s position on the Croatian coast makes it a versatile destination – one which can be fully enjoyed with a beach hotel. Dubrovnik’s ancient walls cascade down into turquoise water, offering spectacular views from the ramparts. A beach hotel in Dubrovnik is perfect for both honeymooners looking to take in the sites, or families wanting to enjoy a diverse and verdant coastline.

Beach Hotels Dubrovnik

The ancient fortress of Dubrovnik has been a port of call of southern Croatia since the 9th century, but has more recently risen to fame thanks to its role in the popular television show ‘Game of Thrones.’ The city’s walled old town is its most well-known attraction, yet the gorgeous coastline which stretches to the north and south of the city offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the beach. A beach hotel just outside the city walls is the perfect way to enjoy the exceptional versatility of this destination.

Beach hotels in Dubrovnik: Medieval charm and stunning beaches in southern Croatia

The Ancient Beauty of Dubrovnik

Before getting lost in the neatly cobbled streets of Dubrovnik’s iconic old town, take in the views from its ancient city walls. Walk the entire circumference of the old town, and be spellbound by the city below and coastline beyond. Dotted with 14th century forts and examples of shelling from the conflict of the 1990s, these walls have witnessed eons of change that have left their mark on the character of this exceptional destination. From your beach hotel, you can enter the city through one of its three gates, opening out onto the medieval world within. The wide and pristine central street, or stradun, runs through the heart of the old town, housing al fresco restaurants and souvenir stores. From the stradun, cobbled streets weave like a spider’s web through the city, taking in historic sites such as the charming Sponza Palace and magnificent Dubrovnik Cathedral. For further spectacular views over the city, head to Fort Lovrijenac. Venture back into Dubrovnik’s old town from your beach hotel in the evening to enjoy a city free of cruise ships and tours. Food is a huge part of Croatian culture, so indulge in delicious goulash, fresh seafood straight out the Adriatic and soft Pogača bread under the stars.

Relax on the Adriatic Coast

Besides the beautiful historic attractions found within the old town city walls, beach hotels along Croatia’s exceptional coast provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Complete with private bathing areas, swimming pools, spas and views over the Adriatic. Charter a boat from Dubrovnik’s harbor to uncover hidden coves and private snorkeling areas. The views of the city from the sea are sublime. The city is also surrounded by verdant islands which beg to be explored. Take a ferry to Lokrum to snap pictures of the island’s only inhabitants – peacocks! Rocky beaches and a Benedictine Monastery also call the island home. If you fancy staying on dry land, there are plenty of opportunities to soak up some sun. A beach hotel near Dubrovnik wouldn’t be complete without access to some great beaches. The pebbled Banje beach is a the perfect spot to spend the day lazing by the shore, while the sandy Copacabana beach is ideal for families who want to build sandcastles and splash around in the water.

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Dubrovnik: Favorite Areas

Dubrovnik: Favorite Areas

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