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The largest island in the Italian archipelago, Sicily charms with gorgeous old towns, bustling beachside resorts and stunning mountainous terrain. Cross the strait of Messina and discover a treasure trove of ancient sites such as the Greek Temple of Concord, or explore the beautiful beaches along Sicily’s east coast. Rich marine life and turquoise water are just some of the many attractions that make beach hotels in Sicily so exceptional.

Beach Hotels Sicily

Sicily beach hotels are nestled on the coast in quiet bays and near the sandy beaches that this island is blessed with. Accompanied by fascinating tidal music, birds’ songs and caressing zephyrs blowing from the sea, you will experience a state of genuine spiritual satisfaction, where nothing can trouble your peaceful relaxation. Swim in the azure vastness of Mediterranean Sea, enjoy spacious accommodation and indulge in the finest Sicilian cuisine. You will love the tender essence of this island which overflows with warmth and hospitality.

Beach Hotels in Sicily: Top destinations for the perfect Sicilian getaway

Palermo Charms with Catacombs & Markets

With its choice of magnificent beaches, culture and exceptional local cuisine, beach hotels in the Sicilian capital of Palermo are ideal for families and couples alike. A blend of North African influence, Norman history and Italian modernity has helped make Sicily one of the most unique destinations in Europe, and Palermo’s is no exception. The island’s capital is a gem of Southern Italy, packed with beguiling attractions such as the Capuchin Catacombs. This burial chamber is home to 8000 corpses and 1252 mummies preserved between 1599 and 1920. It is a hugely popular (and creepy) attraction for visitors to the city. Return to the land of the living and explore the baroque facades and local markets of Palermo’s center. Capo market is particularly popular with local, and you can even take a cooking class with Nicoletta Polo, Duchess of Lampedusa, who turns the freshest ingredients from the market into traditional Sicilian dishes. Palermo’s healthy number of beaches is another highlight of the city. Whether you’re looking for long stretches of golden sand on Capaci Beach, rocky cliffs like those of Altavilla or the translucent water of Balestrate Beach, Palermo’s coastline has something for everyone.

The Sicilian Coast is a Gateway to the Ancient World

© Mari del Sud ResortThe rest of Sicily’s coast is equally suited for the perfect luxury beach hotel. Head to the island’s eastern coastline to experience some of the best beachside culture Sicily has to offer. With its timeless beauty and glittering waters, Syracuse is a magnet for history buffs to the island because the city was once the largest in the ancient world. The Parco Archeologico della Neapolis is astounding, and features ancient sites that date back to the 5th century BC. The most famous of which is the Teatro Greco, a 16,000-capacity amphitheater which still hosts productions to this day. Spend an afternoon exploring the mysterious Latomia del Paradiso or the Ara di Gerone II. Further north along the coast you’ll find gorgeous offshore islands and rich beaches complete with lively beach bars and oceanfront restaurants, each serving traditional Sicilian cuisine like pasta alla Norma and Manicotti – this is still Italy after all. The Sicilian town of Catania sits in the shadow of Mount Etna. This active volcano makes for an excellent and exciting day trip.

Further Beach Hotels in Italy

As well as Sicily, hotels along Italy’s diverse coastline are a magnet for vacationers. From the stunning cliff side towns of Amalfi to the peaceful Tuscan coast, beach hotels in Italy are ideally located and come with gorgeous views over the ocean. Venture across the Tyrrhenian to the Italian island of Sardinia and relax in the exciting seaside resort of Stintino, the Catalan town of Alghero or the Island’s stunning capital Cagliari. The Tuscan coast is equally enthralling, featuring plenty of quiet beaches and hidden coves only accessible by boat. Once in Tuscany you also have fantastic access to the world-famous cities of Pisa and Florence.

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