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If you want your four-legged friend to be with you on vacation, you can choose hotels with dogs. Often in green surroundings, in the countryside or close to the lake, these focus on good exercise facilities. Also a veterinary surgeon for the fast support of each kind is often completely in the proximity or even in the house. In many hotels, the dog is also allowed in the restaurant and gets its own freshly prepared food in the bowl. Those who book a hotel in the city with a dog can usually count on a fenced exercise area.

Pet friendly Hotels

Are you looking for a pet friendly hotel to bring your pet along with you during your trip instead of having to leave it at home? If so, then Escapio has just the perfect offer for you: pet friendly hotels that will make a vacation in the company of your pet possible. You can now spend your vacation with your pet in a place that you have always wanted to go to. Pet friendly hotels recommended by Escapio will gladly offer to lodge your dog. With the help of Escapio you can spend your vacation with your pet in a pet friendly hotel. At Escapio we try to bring you one step closer to a vacation with your pet – choose one of our pet friendly hotels.

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