To fall in love with: 28 romantic Honeymoon Hotels in Mallorca

Spending your honeymoon in Mallorca doesn't mean enjoying a different party every night, getting into the loud nightlife and getting a tan on the beach the next day. Mallorca offers much more than just summer, sun, beach and discos. Connoisseurs appreciate this island above all for its beautiful landscapes and bizarre mountainous hinterland. Far away from Ballermann and Magaluf, you can spend a honeymoon that absolutely lives up to its name. Special Mallorcan honeymoon hotels are ideal for this purpose. In these hotels, guests will find suites as well as double rooms with particularly romantic furnishings such as four-poster beds and a balcony with a dream view of the landscape. Couples will also find peace and seclusion, along with excellent service and the insanely good, world-renowned Mallorcan cuisine. A honeymoon hotel is the ideal choice for honeymooning couples in love or those experiencing their second spring together.