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When it comes to natural beauty, nowhere has Switzerland beat. The perfect way to compliment this almost-unnatural natural landscape is with a country house hotel right in the thick of it. Whether around Zürich, where you can strike the perfect balance between urban and rural, at the foot of the Matterhorn in Valais, among the many lakes of the Bernese Highlands, tucked in the mighty mountain-scape of Grisons, or lost in time in Central Switzerland or on Lake Constance, Switzerland has something to offer to any fan of opulence and uninterrupted scenic grandeur.

Country House Hotels Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its unparalleled natural beauty in all the many mountain lakes, icy peaks, and rolling meadows dotted with vineyards and lovely country house hotels. Rarely does one find such a varied range of terrain, cultures, things to do, and even languages in such a small area. A stay at a country house hotel in Switzerland is sure to provide the total reset you’re after — stimulate your senses with a great combination of wellness and some of the world’s finest natural beauties.

Where to stay at a country house hotel in Switzerland? Important destinations at a glance:

Lake Constance: Romance in four seasons and in three countries

© Schloss Wartegg Lake Constance, or Bodensee, borders Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, comprising some of each country’s most beautiful scenic moments. Spread out at the northern foot of the Alps, the lake consists of three bodies of water which meet at the end of Germany’s Rhine River. The bordering Swiss cantons, St. Gallen, Thurgau, and Schaffhausen radiate a historic charm complimented by more breathtaking natural wonders and a series of vineyards. Here, the country house hotels pride themselves on finding the meeting point of stylish modernity and old-fashioned opulence; the former manifests in smartly designed guest houses with exposed beams or sharp color concepts, and the latter in old Swiss favorites served on romantic stone patios covered with overgrown vines. Traversing the area around Lake Constance is a holiday in itself; a slow bike ride through pretty orchards to taste the regional Müller-Thurgau white wine, jaunts through the UNESCO-listed abbey district of St Gallen, or a swim through the crystal-clear waters of the lake itself. If on the Switzerland-side, it’d be a shame to miss the Säntis Cableway up 2,502 meters to the tip of the Säntis Mountain, from which you can make out six countries on a clear day.

Valais: Matterhorn & more unbelievable landscapes

Situated in southern Switzerland and home to the famous-for-good-reason Matterhorn mountain, Valais is fantastic in every sense of the word. Once one of the country’s poorer regions, this Swiss canton is now where the vacation-elite go to holiday — especially the Rhône wine valley and anywhere with a view of Aletsch Glacier. A country house hotel in Valais comes equipped with innovative design concepts — with some eco-luxury hotels offering domed pods as rooms —, perfect locations sometimes with access to private ski runs, and unfathomable views of the mountain and glaciers which dominate every glimpse. The 1898 Gornergrat cogwheel railway, which departs from Zermatt, is Europe’s highest open-air railway and a must for spectacular views of the Matterhorn and landscapes unlike anywhere else. Summer days are filled with sun and spent hiking on 8,000 kilometers of marked trail, past mountain streams and Alpine lakes to traditional eateries serving up regional wine, especially Pinor Noir and Chasselas variatals, and classic Swiss fare — like raclette cheese, which originated in the area. As the area gets around 300 days of sun per year, winters are also sunny, making for always-perfect views while skiing and snowboarding through the snow-covered paradise.

Bernese Highlands: Interlaken & mountainous wonderlands

© SALZANO Hotel – Spa – Restaurant Country house hotels with in-house spa centers, sprawling castle-like grounds, or service staff donned in traditional Swiss garments will ensure you get the most out of your stay in the Bernese Highlands. The Highlands are located south of Switzerland’s capital, Bern, and comprise the higher canton of Bern, part of the Alps including the world-famous Jungfrau Massif, Eiger, Titlis, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and Interlaken, among other beautiful natural destinations. The Jungfrau is what you think about when you think about natural beauty; standing 4,158 meters high and cut through by blue-green lakes, this kind of overwhelming spectacle is once-in-a-lifetime. The peak looks over the Jungfrauhoch glacier, which is accessible via the Jungfrau line, a railway leading to the highest train station in Europe from Interlaken and Scheidegg. Some country house hotels are built into old Swiss chalets and tucked away in secluded locations, making for an unforgettable escape topped off by regional cuisine made only with choice ingredients.

Grisons: Slow days in the Alps

The easternmost canton of Grisons, or Graubünden, is known for its long list of unmissable destinations. It is the largest and the most undeveloped of the Swiss cantons, making it a prime location for a truly serene holiday. A country house hotel is the perfect accompaniment to a visit to this blissful corner of the world. In extremely homey interiors, cast in the soft light of a chandelier or the orange glow seeping in floor-to-ceiling windows from the sunset, look out over babbling brooks and stunning peaks, while savoring a bowl of Pizzoccheri (pasta, cheese, and vegetable stew) or Capuns (dried pieces of meat and Spätzle dough rolled in chard leaves). You may recognize some of the scenery in Grisons from encounters with the fictional character Heidi, as this was her alleged home. The world-famous Bernina Express and Glacier Express railways run through the region and take you through a different, but equally varied suite of landscapes, with the Bernina passing through three different climate zones and three different language regions. Back at your country house hotel after a time-slowing ride to St. Moritz on the Glacier Express, settle in for a steam in the sauna, a sightseeing bike ride on nearby trails, or a romantic sunset with a glass of Lafnetscha wine, a specialty of the area.

Zürich Region: Pure luxury in the city & its surroundings

© Hotel Schloss Hünigen With a stay at a country house hotel in or around Zürich, you’ll find yourself at some of the finest junctures of natural and urban and, as always when in Switzerland, within extremely stylish and luxuriously appointed interiors. These establishments take grandeur and creating a serene atmosphere very seriously. In Switzerland’s largest city, stately on the banks of the glistening Lake Zürich, surround yourself with the true extravagance of the world’s financial powerhouse. Even given the metropolitan energy, there is an old-timey, slow-paced world to be discovered in Zürich and its environs: on cobbled streets lined with classic old Swiss buildings or in cozy lounges with a view of the rolling countryside backed with the magnificent Alpine landscape. Around Zürich, you’ll have the area’s cultural highlights at your fingertips — including more than 40 museums, the Schauspielhaus Opera House, and the renowned international theater festival — as well as all the sublime bliss of the world-famous Swiss terrain. Make it an active trip with tobogganing, skiing, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing in the snowy winter months, locate a new kind of tranquility with time in a hammam or spa, or indulge your senses with a taste of the varied cuisine of Switzerland — from cheese fondue and the regional Rösti (fried potatoes) to Bünderfleisch (cured and Apline-air-dried meats) and Zopf (braided bread).

Central Switzerland: Lake Lucerne & authentic Switzerland

With a 13th-century passport, a landscape of glimmering lakes and dramatic mountain peaks, and some lovely Swiss cities packed with culture and class, Central Switzerland is where you’ll get the most authentic Swiss experience. Lake Lucerne is sprawling and beautiful. A country house hotel perched prettily on the shore promises days packed with breathtaking views and nights by the fire, soaking up the old-world luxury. In the summer, the hiking trails in Engelberg, Einsiedeln, and Andermatt take you up and through the Alps and even to Mt. Titlis, Switzerland’s highest mountain. Come wintertime, the skiing capital of the world awaits: Central Switzerland boasts 568 kilometers of slopes waiting to be glided across by you and your beloved or family. The city of Lucerne itself is the once-home of poet Goethe and the now-home to a wonderful confluence of old and new, including great shopping, the 14th-century Kapellbrücke, and some lovely country house hotels dotting its perimeter.

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