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Beautiful landscapes and historic cities of the Algarve region can put anyone in lyrical mood – a splendid background for unlimited relaxation and most untroubled holiday. Algarve boutique hotels offer a great alternative to classy establishments, providing you with everything necessary – hospitable service, finest food and drinks, well-designed accommodation and amenities to keep you amused.

Boutique Hotels Algarve

The Portuguese Algarve coast is characterised by charming landscapes from east to west. Many are tempted to take part in the annual medieval festival not far from the Spanish border with Castile in the eastern part of the Algarve and be enchanted by the castles. A stay in one of the boutique hotels scattered all over the coast is an ideal way to do this. On a smaller scale, you will be accommodated in themed rooms, such as castle rooms, in high comfort and enjoy the best service by all means. Boutique Hotels are located in the most beautiful and picturesque places on the Portuguese coast. They are recommended for those who wish to reside in a stylish setting, but on a smaller scale, and who want to be captivated by the magic of uniquely decorated rooms.

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