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Paris is very versatile and busy city where everyone will find what they are looking for. While the city centre is ideal for architecture and history lovers, young travellers and artists will most probably favour Montmartre. If you are seeking a cultural break, walk along the beautiful river banks, or take one of the numerous boat trips to discover the city from a new angle. For a look at legendary works of art, visit some of the world’s greatest museums!

Boutique Hotels Paris

Paris is known worldwide to be a historical and charming capital city, offering visitors a wide range of tasty food and numerous museums. Most travellers will also add that the city has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ (indescribable quality) that adds to the reputation of this famous city as the capital of romance.

Where to stay in a boutique hotel in Paris? The most beautiful areas at a glance:

The historical city centre, wonder of architecture and culture

© La Maison FavartThe centre of the capital is known for the Eiffel Tower, an engineering marvel built for the 1889 world exhibition that quickly became the symbol of the city and France. The historical centre is easily recognisable with its Georges Haussman designed street, all converging towards the Arc de Triomphe. Many residential streets are home to some of the finest boutique hotels in Paris which were mostly former private ‘hotel particulier’ from the bourgeoisie and got refurbished into charming boutique hotel. This district is perfect to explore by foot – especially for architecture and culture lovers as each street has a fantastic story to tell.

Montmartre, the young and artistic district

If you are looking to discover the dynamic Paris, then this is the area for you! With beautifully renovated hotels, and former caves turned into restaurants, this area is perfect for young travellers looking to explore the city by day but also enjoy its buzzing nightlife. Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica is the heart of art in Paris with street artists, street performance and the nearby Moulin Rouge offering night shows. The area offers some of the most modern boutique hotels in Paris. The district has been home to painters such as Van Gogh and Renoir. Learn much more at the Montmartre museum. Couples must pass by the Instagram-worthy ‘mur des je t’aime’, a wall where ‘I love you’ is written in more than 250 languages as a sign of people being torn apart but brought back together by this wall. © Le Narcisse Blanc

The rich history of the bridges and museums along the Seine

Cutting the city into two, the Seine has always been a prominent part of Paris economy, life and development. The most interesting bridges for visitors is the Pont des Arts, a bridge where lovers tie a locker with their initial and throw the key in the river in the hope to keep their love alive. The Pont des Arts offers spectacular views onto the Basilique Notre Dame de Paris and direct access to the nearby Musee du Louvre. This area is ideal for stunning boutique hotels in Paris with views onto the Seine.

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Among the particularly beautiful boutique hotels are the Hôtel Recamier with its designer rooms in Parisian chic and the stylish Hotel Mansart in the old town of Paris.

For a romantic stay for two, we recommend the hotel La Maison Favart in the middle of Paris and the Hotel Millesime - ideal for a honeymoon full of Romance in the city of love!

Particularly family-friendly boutique hotels in Paris include the Hotel Villathena, the Hotel Aiglon Hotel Aiglon and the Hôtel San Régis Hôtel San Régis, all of which offer childcare.

You can walk to the Eiffel Tower in around 20 minutes by staying at La Maison Champs Elysées. The Hôtel Villa Saxe Eiffe is located in the prestigious 7th arrondissement between the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse and is therefore very centrally located.

The exquisite suites in the Hôtel Keppler and in the Hôtel San Régis offer a magical view of the Eiffel Tower. We particularly recommend the prestige rooms in the Hotel Brighton, which have a private balcony with one of the most beautiful views over the famous Louvre gardens.

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Paris: Favorite Areas

Paris: Favorite Areas

Favorite Boutique Hotels in Paris