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Boutique Hotels London

© Radisson Blu Edwardian, New Providence Wharf A major settlement for over two millennia, London is a city immersed in history. Bustling with energy and diversity, the city is deeply multicultural, with inhabitants representing 270 nationalities and 300 tongues. London is also a tale of two cities, where the concrete jungle of high-density urban exploration meets leafy landscapes and sweeping vistas. Charming boutique hotels open the door for you to explore the most visited city in the world. London truly has something for everyone.

Boutique Hotels in London: Most important areas at a glance

The Square Mile: Museums, galleries & sightseeing classics

© Radisson Blu Edwardian, New Providence Wharf It might not be bigger than a square mile, but it is where you can see most of the sightseeing classics London has to offer: the Tower of London, housing the Crown Jewels, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, Museum of London, and the Bank of England. Boutique hotels dot the River Thames and provide you with a stylish starting point from which you can explore where the historical heart of London beats. The city is a tireless hotspot for arts and culture, but even the continuous innovation never drowns out London’s centuries-old narrative. You are sure to work up an appetite for international cuisine after a breath-taking look at the city’s past, in which case head to the Victorian arcades of the Leadenhall Market.

Mayfair: High-end shopping & luxury chic

Mayfair exudes luxury and Trafalgar Square is the ideal starting point from which to explore swanky shops, gourmet food stores, high-end boutiques or even make a bid for some valuables for auction at Sotheby’s. You are spoiled for choice for iconic fashion houses and high-end brands along this luxury shopping strip, and to match the boutique hotels in Mayfair are just as exclusive. Contemporary art lovers and classical music aficionados will be delighted by the Royal Academy of Arts and the Handel House Museum respectively.

Westminster: The Palace, sightseeing & tourist hotspots

The city of Westminster offers elegant accommodation alongside its plentiful sightseeing attractions, such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street and, of course, Buckingham Palace. The London Eye on the southern bank of the Thames, and the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, provides magnificent panoramic views of the surrounds. Staying at a boutique hotel in Westminster, you will have the theatre scene and the luxury department store Harrods, right at your doorstep.

Soho: Nightlife, street culture & LGBTQ scene

© Radisson Blu Edwardian, New Providence Wharf A great way to experience the vibrant nightlife and unique charm of Soho is by booking into a boutique hotel. Carnaby Street, near Piccadilly Circus, is one of the most popular shopping strips in London, where designer stores, vintage shops and little boutiques tucked away on the side streets are begging for you to splash your cash. North of Leicester Square is London’s Chinatown, an Asian oasis in the midst of the British capital. After shopping ’till you drop, a plethora of dance floors, bars, clubs and pubs await, many of which are open all night long. Visitors are spoilt for choice, so the best option is simply to wander around and take your pick. Don’t be shy - though it is popular with the LGBTQ scene, Soho is welcoming to people of all persuasions.

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London: Favorite Areas

London: Favorite Areas

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