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A steaming cup of hot chocolate, “un petite chanson” to cherish any traveler’s heart, warm welcome and sound nightly sleep – this is pretty much the description of Paris small hotels. In this vibrant metropolis, the cultural and historic prominence of which is beyond any doubt, these charming hotels safeguard your privacy and quiet rest in the very midst of this Parisian whirlwind. Boasting excellent service, world-famous French cuisine and a variety of facilities, Paris small hotels are always close to the city centre and ready to accept new visitors. Coziness and convenience seem to be supreme values for both the personnel and the management of these unique hotels. So feel free to enjoy the wonders of Paris – while having such an opportunity for an invigorating rest, you can make your days as impressions-rich as would like. Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, countless coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, fashionable malls and ancient city districts – Paris is hardly lacking anything. This city is beautiful – from cozy cafes of Montparnasse to the sparkling waters of Seine. Paris small hotels will gladly open up this astounding world of adventure for you and make your Parisian holiday most comfortable.

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Paris: Favorite Areas

Paris: Favorite Areas

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