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Menorca remains a quintessential beach holiday destination, with fantastic weather and an impressive amount of beaches for a fairly small island. Yet, with its distinct and traditional culture and choice of wonderful boutique hotels, Menorca is the ideal choice for travelers looking for something a little different. Whether you’re into heading out with friends to sample the local wines and have a dance or simply relax on the coast with the family, the island offers a lot of choice.

Boutique Hotels Menorca

With boutique hotels in Menorca, discover a sun-soaked island that’s a world away from the busier resort islands of the Balearics in Spain. There’s no better place to discover the unique charm of boutique accommodation, adding to your experience of this beautiful destination.

Where to stay in a boutique hotel in Menorca?

Laidback Nightlife in Maó

© Hotel Petit MaóIn the island capital, stroll from your boutique hotel and enjoy a night on the town. At the harbour in particular, you’ll find a wealth of bars and clubs to mingle with the locals or see with your friends. If you fancy yourself a foodie, try local delicacies such as fish meatballs, slices of local cheese and a mixed vegetable dish called tumbet. These are often served tapas-style. The special nature of these dishes, perhaps followed by a few glasses of local wine at the bars, perfectly complements an exclusive Menorca boutique hotel experience.

Colonial History at Ciutadella

Meaning ’citadel’ or ’fortress’, this former British-occupied town retains a strong sense of its past identity. Gradually, the redbrick Georgian homes have given way to more Spanish-style buildings, and the range of boutique hotels here is impressive. While you won’t be far from the beaches of Maó either, the smaller coves around Ciutadella are a truly chic experience. Don’t miss Cala Mitjana and Macarelleta, where you’ll virtually have the shoreline to yourself. The ancient tomb structure at Naveta d’Es Tudons is one of the island’s greatest historical monuments.

Local Trades and Culture at Alaior

© Hotel Cugó Gran For the boutique traveller looking to make the most of a trip to Menorca, head to Alaior and learn more about this island’s particular culture. The islanders love their local cheese, and there are a number of factories you can visit here to tour and buy the product. This makes for a superb gift or a treat for yourself to enjoy on your holiday. A number of palaces, churches and other cultural sights dot this pristine town. Be sure to visit San Lluna Pati, a cloister that’s just one example of the town’s magnificent architecture. Special sights like these are too often overlooked by visitors to the island. A boutique hotel will put you in the mood to make the most of Menorca’s hidden sights.

Quaint Village Life at Es Mercadal

You can also head inland and witness this small and gorgeous settlement right at the heart of the island. As Menorca is fairly compact, you still won’t be far from the shore. Truly lose yourself in the ambience of traditional island life, stopping for coffee and pastries as you walk around and take in the windmills and whitewashed houses of Es Mercadal. Perhaps spend the morning exploring and stopping for lunch at a neighbourhood restaurant before heading back to the coast for the afternoon.

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