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In Paris the word “luxury” is about more than money. It’s about style, it is a way of life, and one can best locate it in the suite of fine hotels situated in the center of this amazing city. 4 star, 5 star, large and small, Paris’ luxury hotels are dedicated to providing you the very best accommodation and services. The services and amenities offered by these beautiful establishments appear luxe even for royalty — treat yourself to a stay of lavish and unforgettable impressions.

Luxury Hotels Paris

Art, culture, and luxury are as synonymous with Paris as the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Those seeking a splendid balance between some of Europe & the world’s best sightseeing opportunities in the day, and the chance to sleep like royalty in lavish interiors and stunningly comfortable rooms should best head for a luxury hotel in Paris. Discover a rich selection of renowned 5-star luxury hotels in the best locations tucked away or on the busy streets of the city of light, love, fashion, and savoir-vivre. Paris is known as one of the most opulent cities in the world — promising nothing but the best to every visitor — and what better way to home in on this energy than at a hotel that takes this as a top priority.

Where to stay at a luxury hotel in Paris? Top neighborhoods at a glance

1st Arrondissement: The heart of luxurious Paris on the Place Vendome

Paris’ 1st district is really the capital of opulence. A luxury hotel on or around Place Vendôme promises only the best in terms of design, cuisine, views, service, and amenities. These 4 and 5 star establishments are a destination of their own, consisting of not only über-fine rooms and suites but also often spa centers and fine dining restaurants and classy bars. In the 1st district, while a way a day or two wandering the beautiful streets and popping into designer stores, and end the day with a delicious steak tartrate or steak frites for two. The iconic Louvre is also situated in the 1st, worth a visit for the art inclined. Paris’ oldest and largest public park, the Jardin des Tuileries, radiates a certain formal beauty not oft experienced in the middle of a metropolis — grab a picnic of croissants and a Jambon-beurre, a simple and amazing ham and butter sandwich on a baguette, and spend an afternoon snacking in a sublime setting. The literary will find Librairie Galignani, apparently the first English bookstore in France, especially worth a wander. The perfect way to complement a stay at a luxury hotel in the 1st is by traversing the royal squares and feeling like a king.

8th Arrondissement: Shopping paradise on the Champs-Élysées

Without a doubt the most famous shopping street in the Europe, and perhaps even the most famous street in the world, is the Champs-Élysées in Paris’ 8th Arrondissement. Here is where the shopper’s elite come out to play. From Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Swatch and Swarovski, one ought not to forget their wallet when coming out for a day on this iconic Avenue. Staying at a luxury hotel right on or just off the Champs-Élysées places you among Paris’ highest classes. These beautiful luxury hotels boast wonderful common spaces — like flower-rimmed inner courtyards or rooftop gardens —, stunning views of the Eiffel Tower — which is just over the Seine from the 8th —, and exorbitant opulence with regard to everything from the ornamented front doors to the crystal chandelier in your room. If you ever bore of shopping, take a trip up the meritorious Arc de Triomphe, check out the pretty, once-swamp Place de la Concorde, or discover the Grand Palais, once host of the World’s Fair. Also in this district, you’ll find some of the finest iterations of Parisian and French cuisine, from smoked eel to steak frites to delish stews all paired with gourmet wines from around France.

6th Arrondissement: Class in central Paris

The 6th Arrondissement is known as the once host of some of the most important names in literature, philosophy, and art. One reason for this is the tried-and-true café culture that still very much pervades today. An experience not to be missed, head to any one of the cafes that line the streets between Notre Dame Cathedral and the Luxembourg Gardens for a taste of the old-world, Parisian intellectualism in all its glory. A luxury hotel in the 6th promises to be the cherry on top of a stay oriented around decadence. Settle in and take in the cool design concept, sip a craft cocktail at the hotel bar, and enjoy amazing views over the City of Light in all its glory. Nearby, spend an afternoon wandering the Luxembourg Gardens. Just over the Seine are the 3rd and 4th Arrondissement, where some of the city’s hippest establishments are located, among them trendy bars, restaurants, galleries, museums like the awesome Centre Pompidou, as well as a number of kosher restaurants, as the 3rd was once the Paris’ Jewish quarter.

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Paris: Favorite Areas