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Family Hotels Greece

The turquoise-blue sea, millennia-old ruins, lively sandy beaches and secluded islands – Greece presents itself as a holiday destination for the whole family from its most beautiful side. Directly at the bathing paradises of Crete and other Greek islands, family hotels offer kids clubs and extensive pool landscapes. Children have fun on the water slides with new and old friends. Holidays in Athens or on Rhodes offer experiences in the middle of ancient temples and castle ruins.

In which family hotels in Greece to stay? The best regions and places at a glance

Crete: Beach holidays and ruins

© Arcus Luxury Suites Crete is the largest Greek island in the Mediterranean and is virtually predestined for a beach holiday. There are long, golden yellow sandy beaches in Malia and Fodele in the north of the island. For those who prefer a more secluded setting, Crete also has plenty of tiny bays, pebbled beaches and even steep cliffs. Crete does not only offer beach holidays. Palaces, temples and castles, some of which are 4,000 years old, and monasteries from Byzantine times are not only interesting for study travelers. Children are also amazed by the excavation sites and ruins of Knossos. In the east of the island Ágios Nikólaos and Sitía are good stops for a family holiday. The harbour towns with the romantic fishing port and countless small restaurants are located on the picturesque Mirabéllo Bay. In the village the legendary Voulismeni Lake can also be found, which, according to an old legend, has no bottom.

Rhodes: Lively beaches and ancient ports

© Lindos Sun Hotel The ancient Greeks were convinced that Helios, the sun god, lived on the island of Rhodes. With around 270 days of sunshine a year, this thought cannot be dismissed. Those who travel with their family to Rhodes are therefore mainly attracted by the lively beach resorts in the west and east of the island. In the southern half of the island there are rather isolated, small bays. There are also numerous hotels for families around the Mandráki Harbour of Rhodes City. Where once the Colossus of Rhodes (the wonder of the ancient world) stood, today elegant sailing yachts anchor. In the white harbour village of Lindos, a donkey ride to the Acropolis becomes the highlight of a family holiday.

Athens: Family friendly sightseeing & shopping

© The Kefalari Suites Hotel The cosy capital of Greece spreads Mediterranean joie de vivre. In quaint restaurants and taverns, you can still get a free table and in the summer numerous concerts take place in the open air. Sightseeing is also no problem with the family. Most of the sights are so close together that even small children can easily walk the route. If you choose a family hotel in the old town, you will hardly need public transport. From the Greek Parliament, you can easily walk past the Hadrian’s Gate, the Dionysus Theatre and the Acropolis – and it takes just 20 minutes. For teenagers, Emborikó Trígono, the popular shopping district of Athens’ pedestrian zones, is full of small shops and market halls. Of course, there are malls and luxury boutiques. But also, by browsing through flea markets, numerous treasures can be discovered together.

The Greek Islands: Cyclades & Ionian Islands

In addition to the famous islands such as Crete and Rhodes, there are many other small and larger islands in the deep blue Aegean Sea and the no less beautiful Ionian Sea. In total, about 3,000 islands belong to Greece, yet only about 100 of them are inhabited. If you go on holiday with your family, you should certainly go island hopping. The islands are often within sight of each other and are connected by public passenger ships and ferries. The biggest islands, such as Euboea or Lesbos, extend over several thousand square kilometres and are inhabited by more than 100.000 people. Other islands, such as Kastellorizo near Rhodes, have just a few hundred inhabitants. Other islands, such as Kastellorizo near Rhodes, have just a few hundred inhabitants. Each island has its own history and special character: In the Cyclades islands, such as Santorini, the white-blue mountain villages with their cubic terraced houses were built directly into the rocks. On the islands of Kos and Mykonos there are sandy beaches where the whole family can enjoy sand castles, snorkeling excursions and sunbathing. In contrast, on the Ionian Islands to the west of the Greek mainland you will find small bays with turquoise blue sea and lonely beaches.

Good to know:

Child-friendly equipment: The Greeks have a lot of patience with children and invite families to experience everything together. Baby food and diapers are standard in the supermarkets. High chairs and children’s menus in hotels or child seats in rented cars often have to be requested separately.

Fences and obstacles: Many castles, ruins and monasteries are open for families. The joy of playing is rarely disturbed by fences or barriers. Cliffs and stumbling blocks are rarely secured, especially in the more remote places.

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