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City romance or rustic-alpine coziness? In lively Vienna, wander between opulent palaces and post-modern architecture. In dreamy Salzburg, sing your way through the breathtaking setting of *The Sound of Music*. For idyllic pastures, romantic mountain walks, and flowery meadows, meander through the country and cities of Tyrol. For a stint in the historical, sprawl out in the sun in the Alps of Carinthia, on the banks of a mountain lake or on your hotel terrace in Graz. Whatever you choose in Austria, a boutique hotel promises authentic Austrian charm, true alpine beauty, & total luxury.

Boutique Hotels Austria

Austria’s boutique hotels provide the perfect compliment to the stunning natural beauty of the country. These small, chic settings provide all the luxury of a modern five star hotel — however, in offering exclusive locations, they also flaunt a unique style that reflects the energy of their surroundings. Personalized services add an intimate touch to Austria’s alpine beauty. Expect to find hints of the country’s rich baroque heritage infused into every room, traditional rustic cuisine in gourmet restaurants, and naturally, the music of Mozart to complete an authentic holiday experience.

Where to stay at a boutique hotel in Austria: Austria’s regions at a glance:

Vienna: Austria’s lively capital

© Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna Austria’s capital, Vienna, boasts imperial architecture, magnificent boulevards, and a rich history of music and culture. From the magical baroque Schloss Belvedere to the enriching MuseumsQuartier to the young & trendy Leopoldstadt and always, ending in a Viennese coffee house — a most important everyday tradition for all visitors to and locals of Vienna. The coffee house has been an institution (some say) since 1685, and comes complete with international newspapers & journals, in addition to plenty of Apfelstrudel & coffee drinks. For something more substantial, Vienna is home to some of Europe’s top bars and restaurants, brimming with international cuisine in traditional Gasthaus settings, in outdoor markets, or surrounded by the chic modernity of Vienna’s innovative Gastropub scene. With most boutique hotels directly in the city’s center, you’re promised breathtaking views & everything at your fingertips — from the utmost opulence of a perfected curated room.

Vorarlberg & Tyrol: Fun in the Alps

© AQUA DOME Tirol Therme Längenfeld The western chunk of Austria, which borders Germany’s Bavaria in the north and Italy’s South Tyrol in the south, is known and loved for its location entirely in the Eastern Alps, one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in all of the world. The westernmost state, Vorarlberg, offers unparalleled beauty, opportunities for ski & hiking, and fascinating historical baroque architecture. At a boutique hotel in Feldkirch or Dornbin, revel in absolute luxury at the foot of the Alps, venturing out only for even more blissful views or for a jaunt into the 2000 year old capital city at Lake Constance. In Tyrol, nestle into the very heart of the Alps — tucked between imperial beauty and post-modern international architecture. Here, you’ll find delicious Tiroler cuisine, the warm hospitality of the locals, and amazing skiing options for all levels — under breathtaking views of towering mountains, while relaxed and warm in your boutique hotel.

Salzburg: Picturesque mountain town

© Hotel Sacher Salzburg Salzburg is a city that belongs on postcards. Situated on Austria’s border with Germany, this perfect city sits tucked under the Alps, on either side of the River Salzach, and under the warm shadow of baroque architecture & the 27 churches that have helped to earn the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site title. The birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music, Salzburg is a picturesque town with a rich history. From almost everywhere in the city, you can see the city’s favorite attraction, the stately Hohensalzburg Fortress, Central Europe’s largest intact fortress. A visit to the top is a must for fans of iconic views of the Baroque historical district, the Alps, and beyond. But really… who isn’t? At your boutique hotel in Salzburg, you’ll have all the sightseeing destinations at reach — all within the wonderful charm of romantic interior design, and the comfort of your quiet room.

Graz & Carinthia: Fascinating skylines

Austria’s southern region encompasses the states of Carinthia and Styria, revered for their long list of lakes and sweeping views of frosted mountains and rugged city terrain. Nestled in the Alps, Styria’s history spans back to the Roman Age — this long history is seen reflected in the unique skyline of capital city, Graz. Austria’s second largest city is a pastiche of different eras and influences — boasting a long established culture of art, music, and culinary excellence. At a boutique hotel in Styria, enjoy unique design concepts, luxurious amenities, and top of the line cuisine always on the menu. Just west, Carinthia is home to Austria’s largest mountain, Grossglockner. For the extra ambitious, there are hiking tours offered to huts on various altitudes of the mountain — the rest of us can happily enjoy this majestic view from down below. On the other side of Carinthia, find a suite of beautiful lakes: go for a dip in Lake Ossiach, chill out on the banks of Wörthersee, or enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the beach at your boutique hotel on Lake Faaker, surrounded by Austrian charm & stylish comfort.

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