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Swimming in the Mediterranean, skiing in the Dolomites or pizza in Naples? In Italy, the favourite hotspots for families are those where you can be active and where everyone gets their money’s worth in culinary terms. A family hotel in Italy can be booked in the eternal city of Rome, for example, a wonderful destination for sightseers. Those who like to go on a bike tour could tackle Sicily or the rolling hills of Tuscany. Swimming is not only possible in the sea, but also in the lake: Lake Maggiore on the border with Switzerland promises alpine panoramic views.

Family Hotels Italy

Italy is one of those countries that are always suitable for a trip, because the Mediterranean climate, the southern culture and the hospitality of the people are unique. In the land of pizza and dolce vita there are different types of accommodation. However, the most popular are the family hotels, often equipped with pools and children’s clubs. Italy is especially known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature with olive groves, citrus trees and pine forests. A seaside holiday on the Adriatic is particularly unforgettable. In popular holiday resorts such as Rimini or Jesolo, the best way to spend your holiday is in one of the family hotels. Italy’s flair will surely make any family holiday unforgettable.

Family hotels in Italy: The most important regions & places at a glance

Family hotels in the north of Italy: Riva del Garda, Venice & & Lido di Jesolo

© Du Lac et du Parc Grand Resort Northern Italy is visited with pleasure as a family, whereby of course the Dolomites are considered an absolute favourite in winter. Go on a skiing holiday with the whole family and enjoy the winter holidays in the great skiing areas. But other areas aside from the Dolomites Northern Italy have a lot to offer and are especially attractive for families: the charming family hotels have all the essentials that can come to mind – from child-friendly facilities and games to family-friendly rooms and an extra menu for the little ones. On Lake Garda, for example, you can make yourself comfortable in a beautiful hotel with the whole family and enjoy the idyllic surroundings in the middle of nature. But also famous cities like Venice are on the travel wish list of many families. With its authentic narrow alleys, the typical gondolas, the famous St. Mark’s Square and the colourful little houses directly on the waterfront, Venice is the absolute classic for a holiday in Italy. Not quite as well known is the city of Jesolo. It is located directly on the water and is therefore especially recommended for a beach holiday. In a family hotel in Jesolo you can enjoy your beach holiday perfectly and at the same time get to know an interesting city with a lot of culture.

Family hotels in central Italy: Rome, Florence & Rimini

In the heart of Italy there are numerous small family hotels, located in rural areas in the middle of Tuscany. Here you get to see the most beautiful sides of Italy and can enjoy peace and idyll as a family far away from big cities – with a beautiful landscape and small towns and villages. The capital of Tuscany is also not far away: Florence is absolutely worth a visit, because there are among others the historical old town of Florence with its Piazza della Signoria, the famous cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore and the world-famous bridge Ponte Vecchio among the best sights. There is also a lot of history in Rome: Whether the Vatican City, the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square or the Capitoline Hill; Rome combines art history, culture and an architecture that is over 3,000 years old. If you prefer the Adriatic coast of Italy, you can stay in a beautiful family hotel in Rimini. A family-friendly beach holiday with shallow water and numerous restaurants and cafés for visitors enable families to enjoy a successful summer holiday on the beautiful west coast of Italy.

Family hotels in the south of Italy: Naples & Puglia

In the south of Italy shine above all Naples and the region of Puglia with great family hotels and beautiful places as well as many sights worth seeing. As the economic and cultural centre of Southern Italy Naples is an important city: The Centro Storico has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a historic old town, the Napoli Sotterranea is an underground labyrinth of caves, fountains and cisterns and from the port of Naples you can easily plan a day trip to the beautiful island Capri. In Puglia, on the other hand, there are several places with family-friendly hotels, including Gallipoli, Savelletri di Fasano and Cisternino. Puglia is especially known for its beautiful miles of coastline, its pretty port cities and the beautiful sea.

Family hotels on Italy’s most beautiful islands: Sardinia & Sicily

© Mari del Sud Resort You can spend your summer holidays on an island; Summer, sun, beach and lots of swimming fun. Among the most beautiful islands of Italy are Sardinia and Sicily. The family hotels on the islands are among the best and ensure the perfect family holiday: high comfort, family-friendly rooms, a nice atmosphere and programmes for the little ones are guaranteed. A tourist magnet on Sardinia is above all Cagliari. The city features a lot of history and historical buildings. Furthermore, one dream beach follows the other: Whether it’s Porto Giunco, Monte Cogoni Beach or Spiaggia Piscina Rei – on the beaches you can spend the whole day as a family. Also, in Sicily you can find absolute dream beaches and for every family a suitable hotel. Furthermore, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with cities like Palermo and Catania and impressive landscapes for hiking.

The journey to Italy

Depending on which region, city or island in Italy you choose, there are different ways to get there. From most cities in Germany you can easily get to larger Italian cities such as Rome, Naples or Verona. But there are also flights to Florence and Milan. From there you can get to smaller towns in Italy by rental car, bus or train. Sardinia and Sicily both have their own airports, which makes it possible to travel by ferry, but not necessary.

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