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Portugal’s attractions are numerous: from the exciting cosmopolitan hubs of Porto and Lisbon to the blissful island getaway of Madeira. However, it’s the country’s southern Algarve region that draws the most visitors – and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for a fully kitted-out beach resort like Albufeira, breathtaking beaches in Lagos or historic architecture in Faro, beach hotels along the Algarve’s diverse coastline will inspire the perfect vacation.

Beach Hotels Algarve

With a vibrant coastline of resort towns and fishing villages, golden beaches and national parks, the Algarve region of Portugal is an exceptional destination to explore with a beach hotel. The Algarve has long been one of Europe’s most beloved beach destinations, and during the summer the whole coastline pulsates with life. Whether you’re looking to relax, explore or party the night away, a luxury beach hotel along the Algarve’s coastline will tick all the boxes.

Beach Hotels in the Algarve: Beaches, Sunshine and the Best Hotels in Portugal

Faro: Introducing the Algarve

Most visitors on their way to a beach hotel in the Algarve will fly into Faro – the region’s largest city and capital. Its Portuguese atmosphere, historic old town and excellent transport links make it the perfect introduction to the wonders of the Algarve region. Beach hotels here will have access to some of the region’s most beautiful architecture, most of which can be found in the historic center. A web of cobbled streets lined with 19th century buildings enclosed within ancient city walls greet visitors as they enter the old town one of several 15th century gates. The Arco da Porta Nova gate connects to the pretty palm-lined waterfront where boats can be seen meandering in and out of the harbor. Furthermore, beach hotels near Faro have access to some spectacular stretches of sand, including the Ilha Deserta (Deserted Island) which is a short ferry ride from town. Faro is also an exceptional place along the Algarve to sample some of the many Portuguese delicacies available. From fresh garlic clams hauled up from the Atlantic floor to blackened iberico pork, the Algarve’s culinary scene is exploding with diversity and flavor. Wash it all down with a local red wine made from grapes grown in the surrounding area. Beach vacations in the Algarve begin in Faro.

Albufeira: For Partygoers and Families Alike

Many sun worshippers hitting Portugal’s coast will at least pass through the buzzing resort town of Albufeira, but a beach hotel in one of the Algarve’s hottest destinations shouldn’t be overlooked. With access to warm golden beaches, an exciting nightlife, pretty old town and countless attractions, beach hotels in Albufeira will provide a wealth of experiences alongside 5-star amenities and excellent hospitality. Alongside the exceptional Praia do Túnel and Praia dos Pescadores beaches, Albureira’s old town stands out as one of the Algarve’s highlights. Historically, the town was a thriving fishing village but today its economy is entirely reliant on tourism, seen in its bustling Strip which commands a concentration of bars and clubs for a lively night out. The peaceful Old Town attracts a different crowd, offering picturesque cobbled streets leading into sunny plazas lined with cozy cafes and alfresco dining opportunities. The whole town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, but if you want to see remnants of Albufeira’s history before this disaster then a trip to the Museu Municipal de Arqueologia de Albufeira is encouraged. A beach hotel in this highlight of the Algarve also provides excursion opportunities to many other coastal gems such as Faro, Lagos and boat trips to admire the natural arches, grottoes and caves which dot the coastline.

Discover Western Algarve: Sagres, Lagos & Portimão

Home to the dramatic Cape St. Vincent, Praia do Beliche and the Algarve’s southernmost point, beach hotels in Sagres provide a vacation packed with unparalleled beauty. An increasingly popular hangout for surfers and nature lovers, Sagres if a worthy destination to explore while on a beach vacation to the Algarve. A visit to the unique Sagres Fortress is mandatory while staying in a beach hotel here, and combines a relaxing coastal walk and exceptional views over the crashing Atlantic tides. If you want to try your hand at surfing, you’ll find no better spot in the whole of Portugal (and possibly Europe!). Visitors seeking a more traditional beach vacation should look no further than Lagos. Blissful beaches collide with a lively city packing huge amounts of Portuguese charm and culture. Its countless activities mean that a beach hotel in the Algarve’s Lagos region is perfect for a weekend or longer. From the jagged cliffs of the Ponta da Piedade coastline (best explored by boat from Lagos’ harbor) to the stunning Praia Dona Ana beach and historic city center, Lagos has a little something for everything. Beach hotels in the western Algarve also mean Portimão is only a short journey away. The largest and second-most populous town in the Algarve, Portimão is equally kitted out with all the vacation essentials and is a great location to make base while visiting the outstanding Praia da Rocha beach. With a laidback atmosphere, pleasant quayside and access to the Rio Arade, Portimão is a diverse destination for a beach hotel on the Algarve.

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