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Marmara Hotels

The beautiful Marmara region in Turkey encloses its most touristy and historic parts, including the ancient city of Istanbul, beautiful coastal resorts and the island of Marmara, which gave the name to this province. A variety of landscapes, from barren lands to oases and mountains, is pleasant to look upon and explore, while the abundance of cozy and clean beaches clamors for a swift swim or a sunbath. Marmara is famous for its classy hotels, crafted for the sake of unbeatable luxury and genuine oriental atmosphere – you can see crème de la crème of those on Escapio. Urban areas boast well-preserved historic centres, as well as greatly developed tourist infrastructure – thus, you will always have a wondrous opportunity to indulge in vibrant nightlife and amuse yourself in a thousand of different ways. A holiday in Marmara hotels can give you the most complementary vision of genuine oriental vacation, marked with hospitality, ultimate relaxation and huge, somewhat hedonistic excitement.

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