The Best Hotels in Chalkidiki

Would you rather enjoy Greek wine and delicious food on the Greek mainland or on one of the many Greek islands? Greece vacationers face this difficult decision before every trip. Chalkidiki offers the perfect compromise: it is a peninsula with all the advantages of a peninsula: lots of coastline and beaches, and easy access to the mainland. Chalkidiki is where the philosopher Aristotle was born long ago and his birthplace still enchants many visitors today.

Hotels in Chalkidiki

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In northern Greece, the Macedonian peninsula of Khalkidhiki juts out into the vast blue waters of the Aegean Sea, creating miles of gorgeous coastline. Throughout the small villages, towns and countryside of Khalkidhiki, many fine hotels provide you with the unique opportunity to experience the charming culture of Greece. From budget hotels to luxurious lodging options, most of the hotels feature the unique white buildings of Greece, while many also take advantage of the natural beauty of the area to provide you with a spectacular setting for your Greek getaway.

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