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The gorgeous sun-bleached, natural stone facades of Tuscany‘s architecture provide a dreamy base for an apartment hotel. Step out of your traditional building onto medieval streets bursting with life. Apartment hotels in Tuscany place you in the one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes, dominated by rolling hills and tall cypress trees. Make the most of this opportunity and discover Tuscany – with its dawns and dusks, pretty towns like Florence, ancient cities like Pisa and Siena and its picturesque countryside.

Apartment Hotels Tuscany

From Florence to Arezzo, gorgeous apartment hotels overlooking Tuscany’s breathtaking towns and cities provide a cozy and convenient base to explore the best of Tuscany’s culture and countryside. Explore the birth of the Italian Renaissance, try varieties of Pecorino Romano in family-owned establishments or simply enjoy an Italian vino overlooking the picturesque hills from the top floor of your apartment hotel.

Apartment Hotels in Tuscany: Discover the beauty of Tuscany by staying in top locations

Florence: Witness the Birth of the Renaissance

Known throughout the world as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is a stunning destination what begs to be explored. Tuscany’s capital is a wonderful spot for an apartment hotel, one which provides access to art, culture and exquisite Italian dishes. It’s here that you can witness some of the worlds most revered and valuable pieces of art, including Michelangelo’s David found at the Galleria dell’Accademia. Further renaissance pieces such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi can be found at the Uffizi gallery. With a top floor apartment hotel, you can enjoy sweeping views over the famous terracotta-tiled Duomo or the glittering River Arno. Spend your days discovering all the secret passages and hidden churches of Historic Florence before grabbing a traditional gelato or piping hot pizza slice in the grand Piazza della Repubblica.

Arezzo: Tuscany’s Secret Gem

The city of Arezzo might not be the most well-known destination in Tuscany, but this is exactly why you should visit and make an apartment hotel your base. Positioned in the east of the region, Arezzo plays host to many gorgeous Tuscan landmarks, including many Romanesque chapels and medieval architecture. It is also the gateway to the Casentino valley and close to the vineyards of Chianti, making Arezzo is an excellent base to explore Tuscany’s multifaceted charms. The town itself is unlike many typical Tuscan hamlets, with no central piazza from which the alleys and streets emanate from. Instead, Arezzo’s ‘center’ gives way to the rolling Tuscan hills beyond. The piazza you’ll see in all the guide books is the Piazza Grande, a sloping square and characterized by the beautiful colonnade of the Palazzo delle Logge. Stay in an apartment hotel in Tuscany’s largest commune and visit the Medici Fortress, an ancient citadel perched on a hilltop providing an insight into Arezzo’s past and offers excellent views over the sprawling city below.

Medieval Towns and Cypress Trees

While an apartment hotel in any Tuscany makes an excellent base to explore the region’s iconic towns and cities, it also is your gateway to stunning daytrips into the exceptional and iconic countryside. Peppered with golden chapels and sleepy hamlets, Tuscany’s colorful valleys are a dream for drivers and cyclists. Book an apartment hotel in Pienza, a hilltop town with sweeping views over the dramatic Tuscan landscape. When it comes to food, Tuscany’s quality of Italian fare is second-to-none. Fresh, clay-baked pizzas and a variety of pasta dishes are on every menu, as well as toasted tomato bruschetta drizzled with truffle oil and an array of homemade gelato in every flavor. Indulge in locally sourced olive oil and wine from one of Tuscany’s many vineyards, and enjoy it all in a one-of-a-kind, stylish, and authentically Italian destination.

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