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Italy is packed with stunning ancient wonders, golden beaches, urban metropolises and exceptional cuisine; so it can be tricky to decide which part of the country to escape to while on vacation. While Florence and Rome bustle with tourists year-round, the charming Tuscan city of Lucca enamors with a far more easy-going atmosphere. With a historic center and access to the coast, a hotel in Lucca could be exactly the kind of intimate Tuscan getaway you’ve been yearning for.

Lucca Hotels

Enclosed in Renaissance walls, hotels in Lucca’s historic city center offer an escape to traditional Tuscany. Occasionally overlooked in favor of Pisa’s Leaning Tower and Florence’s art history, Lucca is surprisingly multi-faceted; providing vacationers with plenty to do and see alongside being a great base for daytrips. From the Roman Piazza dell’Anfiteatro to gorgeous promenades and access to the Tuscan coast, hotels in Lucca are the perfect getaway.

Hotels in Lucca: Vacation in Tuscany’s Most Charming and Underrated City

Discover Lucca: Renaissance Walls & Hidden Wonders

Lucca is a unique Tuscan city that’s often overlooked in favor of its famous neighbors, but to skip this Renaissance gem entirely would be missing out on one of Tuscany’s most handsome cities. Begin your getaway with a hotel in Lucca. Housed in medieval buildings with exceptional customer service and modern amenities, hotels within Lucca’s historic walls put the past on your doorstep. Begin your exploration of this pedestrian friendly city in the central Piazza dell’Antifiteatro – an oval-shaped square that was once the site of a Roman-era amphitheater. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of local vino and cast an eye over the hustle and bustle of the city. For sweeping views of the famous medieval walls, terracotta roofs and Tuscan hills beyond, climb to the top of the 14th century Guinigi Tower. It’s Lucca’s most important landmarks and features a small garden complete with trees which rewards climbers at the top.

It would be a disservice to the city to book a hotel in Lucca and not explore the walls that have witnessed the city evolve over the last thousand years. The Renaissance fortress defended Lucca against attacks from the Medici Family in Florence – its biggest historic enemy – which meant the city remained independent for 700 years. Beneath the walls, a hidden subterranean world unfolds. Beneath the three bastions of Lucca’s walls lie arched interiors, art fixtures, prisons and Renaissance barracks – all accessible through a guided tour. If you want to escape the city for another famous Lucca destination, venture north to the Ponte della Maddalena – a picture-perfect bridge that was a vital crossing for pilgrims on the road to Rome.

Tuscany at your Fingertips: Pisa, Florence and the Tuscan Coast

Another bonus of a hotel in Lucca is its location within Tuscany. This beautiful region of Italy is home to a plethora of exciting cities and quaint medieval hilltop towns, alongside rolling countryside that’s just begging to be explored. Lucca’s location provides ample opportunity for daytrips; including excursions to Florence, Pisa and the coast. Just over one hour’s drive from Lucca’s city center, the Renaissance heart of Italy beats. A visit to Florence should be on everyone’s Bucket List. With an exhaustive list of iconic art, world famous history and gorgeous dining opportunities, Florence demands your attention. Whether you’re there to marvel at Michelangelo’s David, walk across the Ponte Vecchio or climb the bell tower of the Duomo, a cozy hotel in the heart of Florence is the perfect antidote to a hectic day of sightseeing.

Even closer to hotels in Lucca, Pisa – with its iconic Leaning Tower – is only 30 minutes’ away. Begin your exploration of the city on the famous green lawn of the Piazza dei Miracoli. Here you’ll find the Leaning Tower, alongside the gorgeous marble edifices of Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Camposanto – Pisa’s sacred burial grounds. Spend an afternoon among these giants of Romanesque architecture, admiring the statues and carvings that adorn their facades. There’s more to Pisa than just its architecture, and it’s all easy to discover it all on a daytrip from hotels in Lucca. Finally, the Tuscan coast glimmers from only half an hour away. When the hot Tuscan summer sweeps the landscape, escape to Viareggio or the golden beaches of Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini. Jump on a train from Lucca to Viareggio – a seaside town popular with locals in the summer and known for its bombastic annual carnival. With gin-clear water and great facilities, a daytrip to the beach is ideal for families looking to unwind on a hot day. Book a hotel in Lucca and all of Tuscany’s highlights are right on your doorstep.

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