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Famed for its Leaning Tower, the Tuscan city of Pisa is an enchanting metropolis of Romanesque architecture and urban charm. A lively student population exists alongside Gothic wonders and local hangouts, making Pisa a diverse destination for a city getaway; with easy access to the romance of Tuscany and the rugged Italian coastline. Hotels in Pisa are stylish and comfortable, providing access to the heart of this intriguing city.

Pisa Hotels

While Rome and Florence attract travelers from around the world, Pisa’s streets are populated by far more locals than tourists. The city’s iconic Piazza dei Miracoli is a masterpiece of Romanesque marble where the famous Leaning Tower tilts precariously in the Tuscan sunshine. This thousand-year-old building is the reason most people pass through Pisa, however those with a hotel in the city will find that the city has so much more to offer.

Hotels in Pisa: Our top tips for stylish hotels in Northern Tuscany

Pisa: History, architecture and the Leaning Tower

© Pratello Country ResortSouth of Lucca and east of Florence, the charming city of Pisa is well worth a stop on any tour of Tuscany’s greatest cities. Hotels in Pisa place you in the heart of a city packed with sites, art, history and culinary delights. Begin your exploration of the city on the famous green lawn of the Piazza dei Miracoli. Here you’ll find the Leaning Tower, alongside the gorgeous marble edifices of Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Camposanto – Pisa’s sacred burial grounds. Spend an afternoon among these giants of Romanesque architecture, admiring the statues and carvings that adorn their facades. The city of Pisa has also been a student hub since the 1400s, and as a result areas of the city are geared towards its younger population. Piazza Garibaldi – along the Arno River – is a great place to enjoy an evening. Alfresco dining and trendy bars can be found in the streets that fan out from the piazza, and are usually filled with students. The city also holds a handful of exciting festivals throughout the year, which would be the perfect time to splash out on a boutique of 5-star hotel in Pisa. Every June, Pisa holds the Luminara festival which sees some 10,000 candles illuminate the banks of the Arno, culminating in a firework display. This enchanting site is best admired from the Ponte di Mezzo. Another traditional summer happening is the Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge), which includes a parade of 1000 actors dressed in traditional medieval costumes representing the two sides of the city separated by the Arno. Whether you wish to explore, shop or simply unwind in your hotel, Pisa is the perfect destination for a getaway with loved ones.

Explore the wild Tuscan Coast

Another exciting reason to stay with a hotel in Pisa is the city’s access to the stunning Tuscan Coast. Just 15 kilometers from the city center, Marina di Pisa is your gateway to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Light blue water laps against calm pebbled beaches in this seaside town that’s an easy day trip or excursion from the heart of Pisa. Further beach resorts along the Tuscan Coast can be found to the north in locations such as Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio. Featuring kilometers of golden sand, boardwalks, beach bars and restaurants, this sun drenched stretch of the Tuscan Coast is a lively and picturesque spot to catch some rays before or after a stay with a hotel in Pisa. Furthermore, Pisa is only a 20-minute train ride from Livorno – a pretty coastal Italian city with a lot of offer travelers. Take in sea views from the unique checkerboard floor of the Terrazza Mascagni and admire the fortifications and bastions that have long since guarded this important Italian port from invaders. Ferries to the charming islands of Corsica and Sardinia depart from Livorno if you want to extend your vacation to the Tuscan Archipelago. The city is also known for its exceptional seafood, so make sure you don’t miss out on fresh ribbons of seafood linguine and the area’s most famous dish Cacciucco – a Mediterranean fish stew. Hotels in Pisa are the perfect base for day trips to the coast, alongside some of the most famous historic sites in Italy.

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