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Located on the picturesque coast between La Spezia and Livorno, beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi is ideal for exploring the Italian Riviera and northern Tuscany. This seaside town is as beautiful as it is stylish, with some of Italy’s most exciting attractions only a short journey away. The area is ideal for families as well as couples looking for a quiet yet fashionable seaside destination on which to unwind. Discover world famous sites in Pisa and the wild Tuscan coast all from your relaxed and attractive beach hotel in Forte dei Marmi.

Beach Hotels Forte dei Marmi

Overlooking the glittering Mediterranean Sea, beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi are the perfect solution for vacationers seeking a stylish and relaxing getaway. Known for its enchanting village atmosphere, Forte dei Marmi offers luxury boutique shopping alongside miles of golden sandy beach. What’s more, the village is located close to Lucca, Pisa and the stunning Cinque Terre so there is a wealth of day trips and excursions to enjoy on your vacation.

Beach Hotels in Forte dei Marmi: Our picks for the perfect Italian seaside escape

Forte dei Marmi: Sun, Sights and Style on the Tuscan Coast

When you book a beach hotel in Forte dei Marmi you’ll discover why this region is so beloved amongst travelers. The village lies at the ideal intersection between beach vacation and stylish getaway, complete with a range of destinations to explore using Forte dei Marmi as your base. The area gets its name from the incredibly beautiful 17th century fort found in the center of the old town, which is the perfect starting point for exploring the village. Around this famous landmark you’ll find trendy cafes and restaurants as well as luxury boutique shopping. Forte dei Marmi has always been a desired hotspot for affluent travelers, and this hasn’t changed since the 1800s. Venture towards the beach and you’ll discover seven miles of exclusive, fine sandy beach to explore. Relax on the sand or walk along Tuscany’s Versilia coast towards Marina di Pietrasanta which features yet another pretty old town to explore. A magnet for artists, Pietrasanta is a great spot to explore by bike, and the hour walk between here and Forti dei Marmi is lined with restaurants, pizzerias, bars and vendors making the route convenient and easy to get around. Beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi all come with stunning views over the Mediterranean as well as private deck chairs on the beach to make your stay that little bit more exclusive.

Discover Peace on the Tuscan Coast

Compared to the Italian Riviera to the north, Amalfi to the south and Puglia to the east, the Tuscan Coast does not get hit with the same waves tourism that these areas do, making it a great destination for travelers looking to beat the crowds. If you want exclusivity, luxury and an insider’s destination, look no further than beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi. Make this your base as you explore everything the Tuscan Coast has to offer. If you’re looking for vast sandy beaches with access to a gorgeous Italian city packed with trendy bars, seafood restaurants and nightlife then head to Livorno, Tuscany’s biggest coastal city. Many pass-through Livorno’s port only to hurry on to Pisa to check out the Leaning Tower, but this city is worth taking some time to discover. Located on the coast with a huge harbor, Livorno’s charms extend to its historic attractions overlooking the ocean, including the old medieval fortress which welcomes sea-faring travelers into the city. This gorgeous vacation destination is topped off with exceptional seafood and the beautiful La Venezia district with Venetian canals and bridges reminiscent of northern Italy. Explore this underrated Italian city from your beach hotel in Forte dei Marmi.

The Italian Riviera: The Cinque Terre and More

Aside from luxury ocean views and access to a charming and stylish town, beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi locate you within easy reach of the charming Italian Riviera. It is the ideal base from which to discover the Cinque Terre – arguably the region’s most attractive destination. The steep terraces of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore make hotels in this region of the Italian Riviera a dream for honeymooners, wine connoisseurs, and hiking enthusiasts. Further destinations to discover along this wild and rocky coastline is the port city of La Spezia – a wonderful daytrip from your beach hotel in Forte dei Marmi. Explore the Castle of Saint Giorgio, fine art at the Museum Amedeo Lia and culinary wonders of the Ligurian coastline. A beach hotel here will also have access to the port where you can take local trips along the coast. From Forte dei Marmi and La Spezia it’s easy to travel to the large port city of Genoa, and from here take a ferry to the gorgeous island of Sardinia. Beach hotels in Forte dei Marmi will not disappoint.

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