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Culture plus sun and history equals Attica. A simple formula for those who want more from their vacation than just sunny beaches. Attica with its capital Athens is probably the most historical ground of today's Greece. Here the traveler finds the most important sights of ancient Greece, for example the Athenian Acropolis or the Temple of Poseidon at the Cape of Sounio, as well as the Temple of Artemis east of Athens on the coast.

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One of the most historic and touristy provinces of Greece, Attica is outstanding in every respect, beginning from extremely rich historic legacy and finishing with splendid scenery, vibrant city life and amazing beaches. Featuring one of the oldest cities in the world – Athens – as a capital, it seems to be encouraging visitors to get acquainted with Antiquity and other periods of Greek history. Millennia-old buildings and roads are not uncommon in Attica, and gradually you get used to perpetual presence of the past beside you, taking special pleasure in it. If you are more of a modern person, you can stay in fabulous Attica hotels, visit many of Athenian clubs and shopping centres, sunbathe and swim at numerous beaches, treat yourself to Greek cuisine and amuse on many of its cultural events. A heart of Greek culture and history, Attica is an inevitable must for any traveler willing to go to this country.

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