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Morocco has much to offer visitors of all persuasions. Whether you’re looking to learn about this country’s unique history, barter in the Medina or dance at a vibrant nightclub, you’ll find boutique hotels in Morocco an excellent base for your trip.

Boutique Hotels Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating country of contrasts; with a mixture of languages and cultures, and a distinct intermingling of North African and Southern European cultures. Boutique hotels in Morocco are an excellent way to enjoy the country in an authentic and intimate setting.

The vibrant colours of Marrakech

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most popular destinations, a bustling city that meshes old and new, where signs in French and Arabic point out the palaces and marketplaces. Enjoy exploring the winding streets of the old Medina, with its market stalls selling everything from spices, carpets, and clothing to practically anything else you could hope to find. The Nouvelle Ville, or New City, is particularly good for authentic yet modern and luxurious boutique hotels.

The chilled-out capital of Rabat

Many are surprised to find that Marrakech isn’t the official capital of the country, and sometimes overlook the gorgeous city of Rabat. It actually has a more laid-back atmosphere than the commercially active Marrakech, and is still a fantastic place to soak up Moroccan history and culture. Located by the coast, it’s an excellent place to enjoy a mint tea in a café overlooking the sea.

Romantic and exciting Casablanca

The setting of the eponymous 1942 romantic drama, visitors enjoy the modern luxuries of this city, actually the country’s largest by population. Decidedly contemporary, you’ll find it an excellent place to enjoy lively nightlife and appreciate the range of excellent attractions. These include the King Hassan II Mosque, with the tallest minaret in the world.

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