Hotel tips: Our favorite 7 hotels in Fez

Escape to the vibrant city of Fez in the heart of northern Morocco. This gorgeous city is the perfect destination to enjoy a simpler way of life, and the many hotels in Fez embrace the city’s spirit while also providing you with the modern comforts you crave for a great Fez holiday. Hotels in Fez are located throughout the area, and many provide you with easy access to such popular local attractions as the River Fez, Dar al-Magana, and more. Experience all that Fez has to offer in comfort with a stay in one of the many great Fez hotels.

Hotels in Fez

Hotels in Fez © Riad Layla

Hotels in Fez: Frequently asked questions

It is not always easy to find the special riad for your vacation in Fez . However, the most beautiful riad hotels in Fez definitely include Riad Fes - Relais & Châteaux, as well as Palais Amani or Riad Layla.

Having pool facilities while vacationing in Fez is something special. These riads offer a pool: Riad Riad Fes - Relais & Châteaux or Riad Fes Baraka.

These dream hotels are perfect for a romantic holiday in Fez : Riad Le Calife, Riad Fes Baraka as well as Riad Myra.

The most popular hotel types in Fez

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