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A total of seven islands belong to the Canary Islands. Whether the exotic animal world in the Palmitos Park on Gran Canaria, the old town of La Laguna as a world heritage site on Tenerife or the Playas de Papagayo as the most beautiful beaches of Lanzarote - an unforgettable holiday is guaranteed in any case. The beautiful boutique hotels on the Canary Islands provide the perfect temporary home, so that guests do not miss anything. With a special ambience and an artistically interesting design, the selected boutique hotels convince with high-quality rooms, extravagant lobbies and beautiful spa areas on all levels.

Boutique Hotels Canary Islands

Boutique hotels in the Canary Islands are characterised by a special thematic flair. There are hotels with an Asian ambience as well as urban design or artistically designed modern houses. There is a suitable boutique hotel for every taste on each of the Canary Islands. You can look forward to a warm hospitality and lovingly and nobly furnished rooms. In addition, even the most demanding palate will get their money’s worth with the hotels’ excellent cuisine. A holiday on the Canary Islands is not only popular because of the beautiful boutique hotels, the islands have with a pleasantly mild climate all year round, fascinate visitors with impressive volcanic landscapes, and offer charming small harbour towns for a cosy stay.

Boutique hotels in the Canary Islands The most important regions & places at a glance

Boutique Hotels on Tenerife: El Teide National Park & the old town of La Laguna

© Royal Garden Villas & Spa Teneriffa is the largest island of the Canary Islands and at the same time the best known. All year round the island is a popular travel destination and shines with selected boutique hotels of the extra class. Whether you are a holidaymaker who likes to spend your time on the beach or an adventurous hiker; there is a lot to see and experience on Tenerife. At the famous Playa de las Teresitas you can relax wonderfully, marvel at the Casas de los Balcones in Calle San Francisco as a popular sight or experience a tropical flora in the Jardín Botánico. Moreover, Tenerife distinguishes itself by some impressive landscapes and cliffs as the famous Los Gigantes at the north west of the island. Passionate hikers will find numerous hiking routes in the El Teide National Park, which, among others, pass by the Pico del Teide. With a height of more than 3700 metres, this is not only the highest mountain in the Canarian Islands but also in the whole of Spain. In the evening, you can visit the charming old town of La Laguna or attend a theatre play in the Auditorio concert hall in the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Boutique Hotels in Gran Canaria: Exotic wildlife in Palmitos Park & the dune landscape of Maspalomas

Beautiful boutique hotels can also be found on Gran Canaria. The island offers a special mix of fantastic white sandy beaches and bays with dark volcanic gravel. One of the most popular beaches is the Playa de las Canteras, which is located in the bay of the capital Las Palmas. Fine, white sandy beaches and a lively promenade make the coast a popular place in Gran Canaria. For those interested in culture, the Canary Island also has many museums worth visiting, including the Cueva Pintada Archaeological Museum and the Museo Canario, the home of Canarian history. A real natural spectacle can be seen in the south of Gran Canaria: The Dunas de Maspalomas. There, the vacationers find themselves in impressive dune landscapes. The dunes are under nature protection and should be in any case visited with a guided desert hiking tour. The animal world of Gran Canaria is also very interesting. In the Palmitos Park you can see exotic birds such as flamingos, hummingbirds and parrots and also meerkats and Australian wallabies.

Boutique Hotels in Lanzarote: The cliffs of Los Hervideros & the volcanic cave Cueva de los Verdes

Lanzarote not only impresses with special boutique-hotels and the cultural capital Arrecife, but also with beautiful natural landscapes, cliffs, volcanic caves and all kinds of natural spectacles. Beaches such as Playa Blanca, Playa de Papagayo and Playa de Famara are easily among the most beautiful coasts of the entire Canary Islands group. From the north coast you also have a magnificent view of the small island La Graciosa and its volcanic hills. Those who like can take the ferry over and spend a day on the charming little island. The bright green lagoon Lago Verde near El Golfo as well as the cliffs of Los Hervideros in the southwest of the island belong to the must-sees. The origins as a volcanic island are obvious on Lanzarote but especially in the National Park Timanfaya. On an area of more than 51 square kilometres, one sees numerous volcanic craters and impressive lava fields. The volcanic cave Cueva de los Verdes is also impressive. It is located in the north of Lanzarote and its seven kilometres make it the biggest volcanic cave in the world. During a guided tour, visitors are amazed, one of the cave halls is even equipped in such a way that concerts take place there from time to time.

Boutique Hotels on Fuerteventura: Playa Jandía & Surfing on paradise beaches

Fuerteventura ? the perfect place for a beach holiday and real water sports fans. The beach of the peninsula Jandía in the south of Fuerteventura offers everything you expect from an ideal dream beach: Fine, white sand, turquoise blue and clear water and a coastline of over 21 kilometres, which offers a variety of beach sections for holidaymakers. There are quieter bays for couples, but also livelier spots for families with children. The Costa Calma offers a wide range of water sports activities, from surfing and diving to flyboarding and exciting boat trips. You can get a lot of information in your boutique hotel, you can ask around and choose the right one for you. But Fuerteventura is not only an island for a beach holiday, also culturally and scenically, the second biggest of the Canarian Islands is in no way inferior to its neighbours. Guests get to see the breath taking desert landscape of the dune area El Jable, witness the impressive flora and fauna of the volcanic island Isla de los Lobos and experience contemporary art at the Canary Islands Cultural Centre Centro de Arte Canario.

Boutique hotels on La Palma: Caldera de Taburiente & Santa Cruz de La Palma

La Palma belongs to the smaller of the Canary Islands but can easily keep up with the others. If you decide to stay in a boutique hotel on this beautiful island, you will spend your time in the middle of nature and can visit idyllic little towns. Those who love nature will love to see the National Park Caldera de Tauburiente, the impressive canyon Barranco de las Angustias and the waterfall Cascada de Colores. On the highest mountain of the island, the Roque de los Muchachos, there is also a view point that offers a fantastic panorama over Tenerife as also La Gomera and El Hierro. Santa Cruz de La Palma is one of the most beautiful cities on this Canary Island. During the day you will find numerous boutiques and shops in Calle O’Daly, while in the evening the street becomes a popular nightlife area with trendy bars and the best restaurants.

The journey to the Canary Islands

Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and La Palma all have an airport with international flights. From most German cities there are regular direct flights to the Canary Islands, although this can vary depending on the season. There are only regional flights to La Gomera and El Hierro.

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