The Best Hotels in Cagliari

Nestled against the deep blue of the Mediterranean, Cagliari charms with more than just its terracotta rooftops and medieval sites. The city is your gateway to Sardinia; an island rich in ancient history, gorgeous beaches and stunning towns. With a hotel in Cagliari, you get to discover the island at its most idyllic, with a huge variety of wonderful day trips to make your vacation one-of-a-kind.

Hotels in Cagliari

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Located on the southern tip of the Italian island of Sardinia, Cagliari is a breathtaking destination that makes an ideal base for exploring Sardinia. Hotels in Cagliari come with sea views and exceptional facilities, with access to gorgeous beaches and arguably the best Italian cuisine on the island.

Cagliari Hotels: Escapio’s Picks for the Most Idyllic Hotels in Southern Sardinia

Cagliari: Sardinia’s Most Italian Island

From its shady boulevards to sun drenched beaches, Cagliari is an exceptional destination for an Italian break. Arrive by sea to really appreciate the beauty of this city; you will be greeted by the pastel-colored facades that stand behind the port, the decadent tops of cathedrals and the imposing Eastern city wall. Upon arrival at your 5 star or boutique hotel in Cagliari, it won’t take you long to discover why it’s thought of as the “happiest city in Italy.” The city is divided into four districts, Castello, Stampace, Marina and Villanova, each with their own attractions, sites and hidden charms.

For over 6000 years, Cagliari has welcomed human life, and the whole city is peppered with vestiges of its past. Begin your tour is of the city’s most historic sites with its most important fortification – Bastione di Saint Remy. Located on a wide terrace overlooking the ocean, the bastion links the old Castello district to the Marina below. Other ancient sites to visit are the Romanesque Cathedral of Santa Maria – built in the 13th century – and Necropolis of Tuvixeddu (meaning “hill of the little holes”) is the oldest and largest Punic graveyard on the Mediterranean. Alongside the sites, the city boasts many exceptional museums, most of which are located in the Citadel of Museums in central Castello. Think about booking a hotel in Cagliari to enjoy some of the island’s best beaches alongside its history. The sandy and picturesque Poetto Beach is located just below downtown Cagliari and features almost five miles of white sand and gin-clear water. Boat trips from Cagliari Port are also popular, with excursions along the coast to La Maddelena and fishing & sailing trips leaving daily.

Sardinia: Unbelievable Beauty

There is enough to see and do in Cagliari alone, but the island’s capital city isn’t the only breathtaking attraction of Sardinia. Miles of blissful coastlines, vineyards & olive groves, geological wonders and charming Mediterranean islands make Sardinia a special and romantic destination. At the northern tip of the island (a scenic four-hour drive from hotels in Cagliari) lies the Maddalena Archipelago. These 63 (yes 63!) islands all vary in size and are packed with hidden coves and breathtaking beaches. One of the best ways to explore the archipelago is by yacht or boat, and one of the most beguiling beaches to discover is the fascinating Spiaggia Rosa – a beach with pink sand created by billions of tiny crushed shells. If you don’t want to travel quite so far north for beaches rich in potential, Cala Regina is just east of the city and is ideal for snorkeling, while Chai is a popular location for art and craft shops alongside the rolling dunes of the beach.

A day trip to Alghero is an absolute must when staying with a hotel in Cagliari. This city is more Catalonian than Italian, given its previous existence as a Catalan colony – it’s even known as Barceloneta. The medieval city is the gateway to the gorgeous Riviera del Corallo, named after red coral that lies beneath the surface. Here you’ll find the luxury hotels and villas of Porto Conte and the Capo Caccia headland which is home to the mystical Grotta di Nettuno caves. If visiting Alghero from your hotel base in Cagliari, the Bronze Age remains of Nuraghe Palmavera is not to be missed. No matter what you want to see on a vacation in Sardinia, make sure you discover everything the island has to offer with gorgeous hotels in Cagliari.

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