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Bliss, beauty and romance – these are just a few of the words that spring to mind when you visit the Italian island of Sardinia for the very first time. A scenic destination with a rich culture to match, newlyweds will find plenty to love about this Mediterranean island, which is why Sardinia’s honeymoon hotels are simply idyllic and located in one of Italy’s most romantic locations.

Honeymoon Hotels Sardinia

With gin-clear water, exciting topography and charming coastal cities, Sardinia provides ample sites and activities for a captivating getaway. 5 star honeymoon hotels in Sardinia are the most luxurious way to experience a once-in-a-lifetime island retreat in charming locations along Sardinia’s exceptionally beautiful coast or in its bustling traditional towns.

Honeymoon Hotels in Sardinia: Romantic, Luxury Escapes in the Mediterranean

La Maddalena: Stunningly romantic coastlines

Sardinia is home to some extraordinary destinations, but none more idyllic than the stunning Maddalena Archipelago. Located off the northern coast of the island, these 63 islands are simply exquisite and one of the many exceptional locations for a honeymoon hotel in Sardinia. The whole area is a national park, with the islands and surrounding coast protected due to its naturalistic value. As a result, the turquoise water is teaming with life which you can be explore with a diving or snorkeling excursion which leaves regularly from the larger harbors on Isola Maddalena and Caprera. Base yourself in a gorgeous honeymoon hotel anywhere along Sardinia’s northern coast for access to the inlets and coves of the archipelago, or take private yacht trips to some of the island’s most breathtaking beaches. One such beach is Spiaggia Rosa – or Pink Beach. Located on Isola Budelli, the beach has been gifted with a stunning rose-colored hue thanks to billions of crushed seashells that wash up along its shore. The beach can only be visited by boat, and due to its precious nature you are not allowed to swim here either. Further spectacular beaches to discover with your loved one can be found on the rich coastline of Isola Maddalena, the archipelago’s largest island. A small town and harbor in the south leads to explorations of glorious sandy coves such Monti Dell’Arena or the natural creek at Cala dello Spalmatore. Swimming here is enthusiastically encouraged.

Olbia: Authenticity and simplicity in Sardinia

A short hop across the water from La Maddalena is Olbia, an authentic local town with a lot of character – ideal for romantic honeymoon hotels in Sardinia. Often overlooked in favor of Cagliari and the Costa Smeralda, Olbia provides visitors a more traditional Sardinian experience, complete with a flourishing old town that’s buzzing with affordable restaurants, boutique stores and local cafes. Furthermore, a luxury 5 star honeymoon hotel here also means Sardinia’s entire northern coast is only a day trip away – including the Maddalena Archipelago. Stay in Olbia and enjoy walks hand-in-hand along the palm-lined harbor, stopping off for a slice of pizza in a traditional eatery down one of the side streets. Olbia is home to a handful of museums, including a museum of archeology which tracks the island’s history all the way from the prehistoric period through to the Roman, Phonetian and Punic eras. A cluster of prehistoric monuments lie just north of the city, and are an exceptional place to get a further insight into the Sardinia of the past. The nearby Tenute Olbios estate offers wine lovers’ a chance to sample the fruits of the region, and is a romantic way to close out the day before heading back to enjoy the comfort of your honeymoon hotel in Sardinia.

Alghero: Fall in love in a medieval paradise

With its Catalonian influences and medieval history, ancient piazzas and blissful beaches, Alghero captivates with laid-back romantic charm unlike anywhere else on the island. While tourism peaks in summer, Alghero is an escape to paradise in the shoulder seasons, perfect for those looking for the perfect spring-time honeymoon getaway. Stay in romantic accommodation along the coast and enjoy private spa facilities alongside swimming pools and ocean views. 400 years of Spanish rule still heavily influence Alghero’s historic center, which is completely encircled by medieval city walls. Catalonia even influences the culture and language, gifting the town with a uniquely Mediterranean atmosphere. Across the bay from the town is Cap Caccia, a beguiling location to explore from your honeymoon hotel in Sardinia. Not only will you find a mysterious underground cave system, some of which is only accessible by boat, but you can also climb the 645 steps of the Escala del Cabirol (goat’s steps) to Neptune’s Cave. Those that make the journey will be rewarded with dramatic sea views, magnificent cliffs and a wealth of geologic wonders. Discover why Sardinia is one of the world’s most romantic and exciting destinations with the perfect honeymoon hotel.

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