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Italy’s capital city is a place of longing: between shopping temples and antique magnificent buildings, the remains of the Roman Empire with its dazzling history and the graceful style of the Romans can be seen. Many boutique hotels take up the elegance of Rome’s old town and reinterpret it for themselves. You can explore the wonderful mix in the shopping mecca Via del Corso, dine in the charming Colonna or on the turbulent Piazza Navona.

Boutique Hotels Rome - Old town

Grace and grandeur in front of ancient temples and classical magnificent buildings: this is Rome. In the old town, the Centro Storico, impressive palazzi from the Renaissance are lined by Catholic churches and artistically designed Baroque fountains. The boutique hotels in Rome’s Old Town provide an insight into the artistic metropolis, where everything revolves around beauty and elegance.

Where to stay in Boutique Hotels in the Old Town of Rome? The most beautiful places at a glance:

Piazza Navona: Baroque art & street artists

It is one of the most popular meeting places for many Romans: the centrally located Piazza Navona. One can still see that horse races and bullfights were celebrated on the long square in former times. And still, the place is full of lively hustle and bustle, it is colourful and lively. Street artists, portrait painters and souvenir sellers have discovered Piazza Navona for themselves. The highlight of the baroque square is Bernini’s four-stream fountain, but the palaces and churches are also impressive. The whole scenery is best viewed over a cappuccino from one of the many street cafés. Those who stay in the elegant boutique hotels of the district and plan a sightseeing excursion through Rome will reach the Pantheon in a few minutes. The ancient temple, which has been converted into a church, can be recognized from afar by its round domed roof and majestic columns.

Colonna: Shopping paradise & romantic alleys

The III Rione of Rome is also called Colonna. Due to its location in the middle of the Old Town, it is surrounded by the world-famous sights of the Eternal City: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Pantheon are in the immediate vicinity of the casual quarter. Despite the famous neighbourhood, Colonna itself has remained relatively quiet. Traditional pizzerias and restaurants serve their guests in dreamy, narrow cobblestone streets. Also charming boutique hotels have settled in the Roman old town quarter. Impressive palazzi have stood on large squares for centuries and express the wealth of their former and present inhabitants. The most famous is the ancient Mark Aurelius Column in the Piazza Colonna. A contrast to the quiet alleys is the famous shopping mile Via del Corso, which also runs through Colonna. Those who want to shop in a dignified way will make their way through the famous shopping mile in Rome. The fashion Mecca is home to large chains and smaller boutiques. Bella Italia shows its elegant side on the Via del Corso promenade.

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