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Boasting everything from idyllic beaches and luxury shopping to world-class spas and gourmet food in 5 star hotels, it’s no wonder that Palma de Majorca is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. The capital of Majorca is a lavish paradise where you can rub shoulders with elite jet set, soak up the Balearic sunshine and shop designer brands until you drop. What better way to take in all the sights and sounds of Palma than in a 5 star hotel where you will be in the lap of luxury.

5 Star Hotels Palma de Mallorca

Fascinating arts and culture, luxury shopping, scenic beaches, vibrant festivals and heavenly gastronomy – Palma de Majorca has it all. Shopping in the capital is second to none and the elegant tree-lined boulevard of Passeig del Born is home to virtually every luxury brand under the sun. Majorcan cuisine, sharing many features with Catalonian gastronomy, is famously vibrant and offers travellers an array of exciting and flavoursome Mediterranean cooking. In the capital of the Balearic islands you can count on fresh fish, flavorful vegetables and gourmet cuisine served up at one of the numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

Glamorous getaway: Palma de Majorca’s chicest neighborhoods at a glance

La Calatrava: The heart of Palma’s Old Town

© Palacio can Marques

Forming part of Palma’s Old Town, the neighborhood of Calatrava stretches back from the seafront into a warren of shaded alleys. The imposing Gothic La Seu cathedral and Palace de L’Almundaina stand proudly in the center of this laid-back area with tranquil, palm-filled squares. Architecture fans and history buffs will be enthralled by the impressive buildings in this part of the city, most of which were built between the 12th and 19th centuries. Nearby La Seu Cathedral, the 10th century charm of a Moorish hammam provides a striking contrast to the contemporary style of the Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza. A walk along the narrow cobbled streets, especially along Passeig Dalt Murada, marvelling at bourgeois palaces, medieval buildings, churches and old mansions with charming interior courtyards will take you back in time to Palma’s past.

Sant Jaume & Sant Nicolau: Luxury shopping in the capital

The stylish neighborhoods of Sant Jaume and Sant Nicolau are where the jet set meet and greet at wine bodegas, elegant cafés and swanky cocktail bars. This is where sophisticated 18th century mansions house luxury hotels and contemporary art galleries. Shopping along Passeig del Born is a must while staying at a 5 star hotel in Palma de Majorca. Not only does this luxurious shopping street boast designer labels the likes of Louis Vouitton, Massimo Dutti and Carolina Herrera, but it is also one of the most beautiful streets in the capital. Two stone sphinxes watch over the passers-by and the tall trees, known locally as ‘plateros,’ offer welcoming shade while taking an idyllic stroll through the city’s trendiest districts. Av. de Jaume III is perpendicular to Passeig del Born and similarly lined with luxury labels, chic cafés and art galleries. Head to Placa Major in the centre of the old town for elegant independent boutiques.

Santa Catalina: Hip cafés & Gourmet trends

What was once just a small fishing barrio has turned into a trendy enclave centred around a centuries-old market bursting with fresh, local produce. Built in 1920, the market is one of Palma’s oldest. Here you’ll find everything from wine shops and fresh fish to gelato. One of the many restaurants can even cook your fish for you while you relax and enjoy a glass of Majorcan wine. Art nouveau mansions and quaint cottages housing designer boutiques, martini lounges, music cafés, and vintage stores line the beautiful leafy streets in this cosmopolitan neighbourhood, which is especially popular with a more bohemian crowd. Trendy restaurants along the square and backstreet alleys serve delicious tapas and gourmet cuisine that will have foodie’s mouths watering in no time.

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Palma de Mallorca: Favorite Areas

Palma de Mallorca: Favorite Areas

Favorite 5 Star Hotels in Palma de Mallorca