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Poland has much to offer when it comes to luxury — in all its opulent old towns and blissful Baltic Sea coastline, its luscious parks and snowy mountain caps. Whether you’re looking to take your city break to the next level with a luxury hotel in Warsaw or Krakow, or you’d like to even more tranquility on your wellness-oriented stay on the Baltic Sea or in Zakopane, there’s no better way to stay than in a luxury hotel.

Luxury Hotels Poland

Poland’s luxury hotels are found primarily in the larger cities and on the serene Baltic coast. On the Baltic Sea, these establishments are often integrated into health resorts which prioritize wellness and promise a holiday that’ll make you feel good. In cities such as Kołobrzeg, visitors enjoy top service and beautiful sea views. Head to one of Poland’s favorite metropoles like Warsaw and Krakow for warm hospitality, amazing amenities, and central locations close to all of Poland’s time-spanning architecture and sites. If you’re looking for some wintry fun, check out resort towns like Zakopane, which is tucked into the Tatras and radiates a luxurious and refreshingly slow-paced energy.

Where to stay at a luxury hotel in Poland? Important locations at a glance:

Gdansk and the Baltic Sea: Luxury with a view

Though perhaps not as oft frequented by the wider public, the Polish Baltic coast is something special. With long stretches of beach composed of the finest white sand, traditional cafeterias serving up hot pierogis, and always a cold beer in hand as you stroll past the light blue of the Baltic, Poland’s northern coast will leave you feeling fresh. Even the air up by the Baltic has a regenerative quality to it. The luxury hotels in Gdansk, Kołobrzeg, or Świnoujście will help you in harnessing the restorative potential of the area — complete with spacious rooms, über-romantic interiors, and first-rate in-house dining. These special establishments promise to make you feel like royalty as you immerse yourself in the special spirit of Poland and its coastline. Gdansk, besides its choice location right by the sea, is an exciting destination in its own right; the capital of the Pomorskie region, this dynamic port city dates back 1,000 years and boldly locates the meeting point of rich historical underpinnings and an eye turned toward all that is modern and deluxe. A luxury hotel right on the Motława River is the best way to experience Gdansk — there you’ll wake to a deluxe breakfast served on the sunny patio before heading off for a day in the lovely Old Town and Market Hall. While in Gdansk, make sure to check out the absolutely grand St Mary’s Church, walk the pretty cobblestone pedestrian street, Ulica Mariacka (St Mary’s Street), and snack on some Polish street food like mountain cheese smoked on a grill. Discover Luxury Hotels at the Polish Baltic Sea.

Zakopane: Wintry holidays in the mountains

Nestled sweetly at the base of the Tatra Mountains in the south, Zakopane has been deemed Poland’s “winter capital.” Located just about 100 kilometers south of Krakow, a luxury hotel in this charming resort town is the best option for an opulent stay among the mountaineering and skiing elite. The landscape here continues to surprise: the bright green of the rolling hills softly unravels at the base of one of Europe’s most striking mountain ranges, which consists of a suite of beautiful mountain lakes, 300 peaks, and year-long outdoorsy fun. Beyond all the active opportunities, which span skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking, is a quite cultivated little region; it has served as inspiration for many a composer, painter, poet, and writer throughout the last couple centuries. A night or six at a luxury hotel in Zakopane is best complemented with a trip to Chocholow Thermal Baths, a stroll down the charming Krupówki shopping street, and a breathtaking ride on the cable to Kasprowy Wierch mountain. Time moves slowly in Zakopane, making any trip there purely luxurious and enriching.

Warsaw: Poland’s lively capital

Poland’s stately capital and largest city, Warsaw, has endured a long and troubled history — suffering near destruction after World War II, the “Phoenix City” has since then been reestablished as Poland’s first city. The time-spanning architecture alone makes Warsaw well worth a visit — ranging from Gothic to Neoclassical with many stops in between. The luxury hotels in Warsaw are super romantic and either très Polish or stylishly international. Some equipped with saunas, most with great views over Warsaw’s wonderfully jagged skyline, and all skillfully designed with unique historical touches. Any visit to Warsaw must include a jaunt through the UNESCO-listed Main Market Square in Old Town, where one should plan plenty of pitstops for potato pancakes and a crisp Tyskie beer. Leading south from the Old Town, the Royal Route, as the name suggests, once hosted Poland’s most prestigious guests. Today, you can follow it past the beautiful Staszic, Wilanów, Belweder, and Krasiński Palaces, among many other dazzling iterations of Baroque and other architectural styles. There’s no better way to end a day rubbing elbows with the memory of Polish royalty than at a luxury hotel in the Old Town or on the Vistula River.

Krakow: Storied cityscapes & the lovely Wrocław

The once capital of Poland and Poland’s second-largest city, Krakow, is known for its classic beauty and medieval roots. Also straddling the Vistula River, this enchanting old city is speckled with 40 pretty parks and littered with memory of its rich history. Beginning as a Stone Age settlement, it has since been deemed a European Capital of Culture, the UNESCO City of Literature, and chosen as host of the 2016 World Youth Day. A luxury hotel ensures you experience the many centuries of Krakow in full: with some hotels boasting cave-like interiors, preserved Gothic facades, and pools set in medieval cellars, and all of them securing great locations and providing top service and amenities. While there, make sure to check out the stunning Krakow Old Town for people watching, Barbikan medieval fortification for some history, and Kościuszko Mound for beautiful views. A visit to Krakow isn’t complete without some time spent wandering around through the medieval underground passages and past the stately Opera House, and luxuriating in typically Polish restaurants with a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Just a three-hour train ride west is the mystical and perhaps understated Wrocław, where a luxury hotel will make you forget all your worries and slip into total bliss. As you look out onto the colorful Old Town or take a dip in the pristine indoor pool, the peaceful, laid-back energy of one of the most beautiful and oldest Polish cities will make itself known.

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