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The Czech Republic has totally reinvented itself since the fall of communism in the 1980s, and has since become one of Europe’s hottest vacation destinations. A country of historic wonders, intriguing folklore and vibrant culture, the Czech Republic is sure to keep you busy for the duration of your visit, so planning a stay with a spa hotel is the best way to combine all the attractions of the Czech Republic with a relaxing retreat to Central Europe.

Spa Hotels Czech Republic

With its awe-inspiring capital city, stunning national parks and a convenient location in the heart of Europe, spa hotels in the Czech Republic provide a wealth of wellness facilities to enjoy alongside an exciting cultural getaway. In Prague, the beautiful Old Town and sprawling Prague Castle welcome you to a charming capital, while spa hotels in the Czech Republic’s lush national parks provide a truly peaceful escape.

Spa Hotels in the Czech Republic: Escapio Recommendations for the Most Relaxing Escapes to the Czech Republic

Prague: A Capital City Reborn

© CERVO Mountain Boutique ResortSince the fall of communism in 1989, Prague has risen to become one of the most exciting cities in Central Europe; attracting visitors with its beautiful architecture, great beer scene and timeless charm. Stay with a spa hotel in Prague to enjoy a romantic and relaxing base alongside all the sites of the city. Your first port of call on any vacation in Prague is the Old Town (Staré Mesto), and more specifically the Old Town square with its famous Gothic church and Astronomical Clock. This stunning medieval clock is a mathematical marvel, one which charts the position of the sun, moon, calendar month and positions of the zodiac. The Charles Bridge is another must-see attraction. Stroll over this 14th century bridge which spans the Vltava River. It’s marked with the statues of saints and patron saints. On the other side of the bridge lies the sprawling Prague Castle. This impressive structure is the largest ancient castle in the world, and had been a seat of power for centuries – stretching from the 9th century Kings of Bohemia to the current president of the Czech Republic. There are guided tours throughout the day but you can also wander around at your own place before winding down back at your spa hotel. The capital of the Czech Republic is also an exceptional place to try some of the country’s hearty cuisine and many varieties of beer. The spiral-shaped pastry Trdelník can be picked up from food stalls all over town, but for something more substantial then nothing beats a portion of Guláš on a chilly night. Wash it all down with a variety of Czech beers ranging from the common Pilsner Urquell to Kozel.

Brno: Further Charm in the Czech Republic

While Prague remains the most popular destination in the Czech Republic, venturing out to the other towns and cities in the country provide further opportunities to relax and unwind among medieval castles and rich countryside. The wide boulevards, red roofs and gorgeous architecture of Brno make it a charming location for a spa hotel in the Czech Republic. Begin your exploration of the country’s second-largest city in Freedom Square, Brno’s most important meeting place. It was once an intersection of trade from all over medieval Europe, but today the square boasts impressive Renaissance facades and four unique sculptures from various points in the city’s history. When the sun sets, Brno is a hive of activity. The city features a number of exciting bars, music venues, theaters and nightclubs located all around Freedom Square, including the modern Sono Centrum auditorium and Super Panda Circus – described as an “unconventional theater-bar project.” Furthermore, the city is home to only a third of Prague’s population, so you’re always bound to find a spot in a cozy bar or romantic restaurant. Aside from the thrilling nightlife and gorgeous facades, Brno hides a dark secret. Beneath the streets of this ancient city lies a labyrinth of underground chambers and tunnels including the Labyrint pod Zelným trhem (the Labyrinth under the Vegetable Market), Mincmistrovský sklep (the Mint Master’s Cellar) and Kostnice u sv. Jakuba (the Ossuary at the Church of St James) which is the final resting place of 50,000 entombed bodies.

Unwind in the Czech Republic’s National Parks

If the Czech Republic’s major cities don’t inspire you, then its abundance of stunning national parks surly will. Spa hotels in the Czech Republic’s rich countryside are your gateway to gorgeous hikes and magnificent vistas. Slavkovský les, also known as the Emperors Forest, is an unspoiled, idyllic getaway in the west of the country. Here the Slavkovský les Mountains crash into deep valleys carved with walking paths and covered in vast forests. The area is also dotted with several hot and cold mineral springs which are unique to the area. Another national park begging to be explored is the Bohemian Switzerland National Park on the border with Germany. It provides a unique getaway and is where you will find the beguiling Pravčická brána – an enormous natural archway formed in sandstone. Unique and romantic spa hotels in the Czech Republic offer a wealth of gorgeous sites to explore alongside world-class wellness facilities.

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