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A home to both skyscrapers and ancient churches, Sagrada Familia cathedral and Gaudi Park, living statues of La Rambla and impeccable sandy beaches, Barcelona remains one of the most impressive Spanish cities. Barcelona small hotels successfully rival grand and trendy establishments, compensating their size with flawless quality of service, lodging, amenities and cuisine. This is hardly an exaggeration, for the beautiful hotels of this city inherited the glorious traditions of Spanish cordiality, unique half-western half-oriental designs and irresistible atmosphere of never-ending celebration. If you wish to experience the feeling of overwhelming light-heartedness and joy, Barcelona small hotels are an absolute must. These wonderful hotels will help feel safe, sound and satisfied just like at home, at the same time introducing you to the world-famous Catalan splendors. That is why it would be unwise to disregard the fabled hospitality of Barcelona small hotels – lest you should fail to make the most of your Spanish getaway. With such impeccable establishments it would be ten times easier to achieve – in cozy and peaceful setting, you are more likely to perceive all the Catalan charms sharply, to enjoy each moment of your vacation… and to never let go of that “satisfied traveler’s” happy smile.

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Barcelona: Favorite Areas

Barcelona: Favorite Areas

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