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A vacation in Barcelona provides travelers with the best of both worlds. Urban landscapes meet Catalan modernism in this city which sprawls along the Mediterranean coast. Beach hotels in Barcelona overlook bustling marinas and crescent-shaped bays, bursting with trendy bars and traditional restaurants. Furthermore, they provide swimming pools, private beaches, modern amenities, stunning ocean views, and access to one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Beach Hotels Barcelona

A beach hotel in Barcelona is ideal for families and couples looking for a beach vacation with plenty to explore. Catalonia’s golden coastline is one of Spain’s biggest draws, attracting visitors for its great swathes of sand and turquoise water – ideal for swimming and water sports of all kinds. The region’s capital, Barcelona is famous for its stylish beachfront neighborhoods which provide access to effervescent nightlife and packed marinas. A beach hotel in Barcelona will also situate near some of the city’s most attractive destinations, such as La Rambla and the sprawling Eixample district.

Barcelona © Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Beach Hotels in Barcelona: Our selection of beach hotels in Spain and Barcelona

Explore Barcelona’s Beachfront Neighborhoods

Many of Barcelona’s beach hotels are located along, or close to, La Barceloneta – the city’s most popular beach. Here you’ll find all walks of life; from Barcelona natives to traveling sun seekers all enjoying the sea and sand, especially in summer. The area is also considered one of the best places to enjoy traditional paella along with a cold caña (a small glass of Spanish beer). Many of the bars, clubs, and restaurants around La Barceloneta are open all night long, so you can grab a bite or one more drink until the early hours, and perhaps even catch the sun as it rises over the ocean. La Barceloneta is also home to Europe’s biggest Aquarium, which features a shark tunnel that both kids and adults will love.

© H10 Port VellLa Vila Olímpica del Poblenou is another neighborhood which touches the Mediterranean, and was at one time where Barcelona’s Olympic Village was located, used during the 1992 Olympic Games. It’s here that you’ll find one of the beachfront’s most recognizable sculptures – El Peix, also known as the Golden Fish, designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry. The 52-meter-long steel structure houses luxury restaurants and shimmers under the Spanish sun. North of the Olympic Village is the Poblenou neighborhood, another perfect spot of a beach hotel in Barcelona. The former industrial heart of the city, modern Poblenou is a hive of trendy stores and traditional hideaways. The area’s main artery is La Rambla del Poblenou where you can pick up a souvenir, stop for tapas, and explore traditional Catalan modernism on full display. Spend the day unwinding on Poblenou’s Bogatell beach or even try your hand at a game of volleyball with Barcelona natives.

Discover Catalonia

With its own language, customs, and culture, the autonomous region of Catalonia in North Spain is unlike anywhere else in the country. With 580 kilometers of coastline, villas and beach hotels in Catalonia are the most popular with travelers. A popular spot for visitors to explore is Sitges, just south of Barcelona. The small town sits in the shadow of the Massif Garraf mountain range and overlooks the coast, attracting visitors for more than just its sandy beaches. The town has become one of Spain’s most gay-friendly destinations, and its narrow, winding streets boast plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants which welcome all colors of the rainbow. The town also hosts a number of festivals, the most popular of which is Carnival, which sees some 2,000 partygoers descend on the town for parades and revelry each summer.

While beach hotels in Barcelona, Sitges, or anywhere along Catalonia’s miles of coastline are to be desired, towns like Figueres and L’Espluga de Francolí are also worth exploring. Famous for being the birthplace of surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, Figueres is a city of intriguing architecture and interesting museums. A must-visit is the Dalí Theatre and Museum, which captures the surrealism and flamboyance of the 20th century icon. Dalí himself is buried below the stage. This city is also home a sprawling 18th century Sant Ferran Castle, which is perched on a low hill overlooking Figueres and rolling foothills of the Pyrenees. Classic Catalonia comes to life in L’Espluga de Francolí, a village located only one and half hours from you beach hotel in Barcelona. Despite its size, L’Espluga de Francolí has a lot to offer day-trippers, including the timeless 12th century Poblet Monastery, the L’Espluga de Francolí caves, and the Museum of Rural Life, perfect for those traveling with little ones.

Further Spanish Beach Vacations

© Parador de BenicarlóWhile beach hotels in Barcelona provide an excellent solution to all your beach and city needs, the country is packed with a variety of unique vacation options if you’re looking to extend your trip and explore further beach hotels in Spain. A popular getaway is the southern city of Valencia. With its bustling port and reputation as the arts and sciences capital of the country, Valencia is a magnet for culture vultures. It’s also home of the world-famous Falles festival. Lasting five days, Falles is a celebration of Valencian culture and history, featuring music, parades, fireworks, and art.

From Valencia, it’s easy to reach Spain’s Balearic Islands. Ibiza, Menorca, and Majorca make up this Mediterranean island chain famed for their luxury beach hotels, gorgeous coastlines, and relaxed island atmosphere. Majorca, Spain’s largest island is blessed by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which is peppered with stunning medieval hilltop villages. The northern coast is also popular, gifted with cascading cliffs, hidden coves, and golden beaches. Further south off the west coast of Africa are the Canary Islands, a chain of seven volcanic islands which provide a vast array of activities for adventurous travelers. Beach hotels on Lanzarote, one of the Canaries’ smaller, quieter islands, is true getaway for those seeking to unwind with a beach hotel. Playa Blanca to the south is particularly popular with beachgoers, and is a great place to strap on a snorkel and witness colorful fish that dart in and out of underwater lava formations.

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Barcelona: Favorite Areas

Barcelona: Favorite Areas

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