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Start the day in a thatched Frisian house with tea and Kluntje - nowhere better than at the North Sea. The lush green dikes with a view of the Wadden Sea can be explored on foot, bicycle or horseback. Islands like Langeoog and Juist are car-free. The jet-set hotspot is Westerland on the island of Sylt, with its elegant hotels. Schleswig-Holstein's coast can score points with its typical white and red lighthouses. Salty air is everywhere - for example, when playing beach volleyball in St. Peter-Ording.

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“An der Nordseeküste, am plattdeutschen Strand–“ (“At the coast of the North Sea, at the Low German beach–”) – goes an old German folk song generations of people have swayed to. The rough atmosphere of the North Sea has not lost anything of its charm - especially as you’ll find the most beautiful North Sea hotels here. Popular destinations are the North Frisian islands Sylt, Fehmarn and Amrum as well as the East Frisian islands including Wangerooge and Baltrum. Eastern Friesland with the towns Leer, Emden or Aurich and pretty fishermen’s villages like Greetsiel is very appealing and ideally suited for extensive bike rides. There is always a fresh breeze, so that even in summer it never gets too hot. On the Dutch part of the North Sea coast, traditional sea spas offer plenty of possibilities for a relaxing beach holiday. Belgium, on the other hand, beckons with excursions to the culturally interesting Flemish towns Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.

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