The Best Hotels in Sankt Peter-Ording

Hotels in Sankt Peter-Ording

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A kilometre-long white sandy beach, along which charming districts are spread out, a dune landscape that is second to none and pile dwellings that give the municipality in North Friesland an unmistakable face and on top of that the UNESCO-protected Wadden Sea: welcome to St. Peter-Ording. Probably the best known and most popular seaside resort in Schleswig-Holstein is the perfect destination for those who not only appreciate the simplicity of a holiday in Germany but also know that good things are often very close at hand. Thanks to the North Sea location, not only water sports enthusiasts, sun and beach lovers get their money's worth here, the fresh, clean air and the region's own sulphur spring make St. Peter-Ording an absolute must for wellness fans, who will soon discover why the region deserves to be called the "North Sea spa and sulphur bath". The hotels in Sankt Peter-Ording have adapted to the needs and demands of local holidaymakers. From dreamlike wellness temples to romantic beach hotels, the chic houses leave nothing to be desired.

Where to stay in Sankt Peter-Ording? The most important things at a glance

Ording: Water sports & beach life meet rural peace

Beach life and water sports dominate one side of Ording, which is divided in two by a dike and has a fishing village idyll on its quiet opposite side to the lively beach. Open airs, beach volleyball and music sketch the colourful hustle and bustle on the beach, while the quiet corner with the forest playground Panderosa is ideal for families. Good to know: The northern end of the beach is a nudist zone.

Saint Peter-Ording - Good to know:

Designed for families: As everywhere along the coasts of Germany, the shallow water and white sandy beach are ideal for families with children. That's what towns and hotels in Sankt Peter-Ording are geared towards. Specialist staff are often on hand to look after the little ones, while the "big ones" enjoy their yoga lesson on the beach.

The beach of St. Peter-Ording is not only long but also wide: the perfect conditions for beach sailors and kitebuggy riders.

Exploring on horseback is very common in Sankt Peter-Ording: Beach rides are possible in many places - the hotels in Sankt Peter-Ording will help you book such tours or advise you on finding the right provider.

Allergy-friendly: the perfect location by the sea, the salt lakes and the fresh breeze provide ideal conditions for allergy-stricken visitors. If you want to breathe freely at last, you've come to the right place.

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